Resident Evil 6 revealed?

Mysterious trailer reportedly shown at Capcom's booth during Tokyo Game Show; Capcom says it knows nothing about it.


Source: Kotaku is reporting that Capcom has confirmed the existence of Resident Evil 6 during the Tokyo Game Show via a trailer shown at the publisher's booth on the show floor.

What we heard: In September last year, Capcom managing director Keiji Inafune told Spanish gaming site 3D Juegos that the publisher wanted to release Resident Evil 6 as soon as possible to capitalize on Resident Evil 5's sales success.

It now appears that Capcom may indeed be readying the latest installment in its lucrative Resident Evil series. Kotaku is reporting that a bystander at this year's Tokyo Game Show has captured on film what appears to be a trailer for the new game.

The trailer, which was uploaded to YouTube but has since been taken down (but can be viewed in the Kotaku report), shows a few brief lines of text followed by a title that reads: "Biohazard 6." The Resident Evil series is known as Biohazard in Japan.

The official story: GameSpot has spoken to several Capcom representatives, who have denied any knowledge of the existence of Resident Evil 6. Speaking to GameSpot, a Capcom representative said: "Capcom's official line on this is that we have nothing official to announce about Resident Evil 6."

However, one Capcom representative at the Tokyo Game Show booth told GameSpot that he was under the impression that a logo for Resident Evil 6 had already been shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year (thus unofficially confirming the existence of the game).

At this stage, no one from GameSpot has seen the actual trailer and Capcom representatives are denying that it exists.

Bogus or Not Bogus?: [UPDATE]: Bogus for the moment. GameSpot sat through the entire presentation at the Tokyo Game Show and there was no mention of Biohazard 6. There is, however, a special Biohazard 15th Anniversary presentation being held at the Capcom stage tomorrow at 3:10 p.m. local time, where a "secret guest" has been listed as appearing…

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