Resident Evil 6 PC not coming for 'some time'

Capcom exec confirms work did not begin on PC version until after console iterations were entirely completed; won't make same mistakes as Resident Evil 4 PC.


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The console versions of Capcom's much-anticipated zombie shooter Resident Evil 6 will hit store shelves in two weeks, but gamers holding out for the PC version will need to wait a while longer. Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson has confirmed through the Capcom Unity blog that work did not begin on the PC version until the console iterations were completed and approved by Microsoft and Sony.

Resident Evil 6 for the PC is a ways off.
Resident Evil 6 for the PC is a ways off.

He said Capcom did not begin on a PC version of Resident Evil 6 earlier because waiting until the console versions were complete allowed the developer to use the final codebase as a starting point.

"It will be some time still before we provide details on release dates and PC specific parameters," Svensson said.

The executive revealed that a "small, but appropriately sized" team is working on Resident Evil 6 for PC. He said it is a different group than had been originally planned, but he claimed this team will "do a better job."

Lastly, Svensson spoke to some gamers' belief that Capcom does not put enough effort into its PC games. He said though this may have been the case before, it won't be for Resident Evil 6.

"Projects like this you guys seem to think are 'trivial' but they are not," he said. "When they get treated as trivial, you end up with Resident Evil 4 PC… which I don't think too many true fans were pleased with."

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