Resident Evil 6 Campaign Gameplay - A Taste of Leon, Chris and Jake

We sat down with an early build of Resident Evil 6 to bring you a taste of Leon, Chris and Jake's campaigns.


With less than a month to go until Resident Evil 6 hits physical and digital shelves, the excitement among fans is approaching fever pitch. Luckily, we recently got a chance to sit down with an advanced build of the game showcasing over 20 hours of gameplay, across the three starting campaigns. So naturally, we hit the record button on our handy gameplay capture box and got to work! Here's a taste of the action from each campaign, featuring old friends Leon and Chris, as well as newcomer Jake.

Warning: While we've done our best to keep these clips spoiler-free, if you want to come to the game completely fresh on launch day, then viewer discretion is advised.

So have these gameplay clips left you hungry for more Resident Evil 6? Let us know in the comments.

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