Resident Evil 5 red Xbox 360 bundle confirmed

Microsoft releases details of limited-edition 120 Elite bundle coming to UK, North America, and Australia; $399 US bundle available March 13.


Resident Evil 5

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It's no secret that Resident Evil 5 is one of the biggest game launches this quarter. Hot on the heels of another Capcom sequel, Street Fighter IV, RE5 will be spreading across Europe and North America like an infectious disease on Friday the 13th. To coincide with the third-person shooter's Japanese release (where it's known as Biohazard 5), Sony and Capcom revealed a special branded PlayStation 3 console for the island nation. However, it appears that Capcom isn't finished with RE5-bundled consoles, at least not in Western markets.

Following a special announcement via Xbox Live yesterday, in which RE5 and Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed a sequel to the 2007 third-person shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Microsoft's Major Nelson has announced today another piece of Capcom-related news. The red Xbox 360 is officially confirmed and will be on sale in "very limited" quantities on the same day that RE5 launches in both North American and PAL territories, Friday March 13.

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Microsoft has confirmed that the red console will be available in the US for $399; Canadian, European, and Australian prices have not yet been confirmed. Specifics on the Australian bundle have not been officially announced by Microsoft, but the EU and US bundle will contain a red Xbox 360 Elite, a red wireless controller, a 120GB hard drive, a copy of Resident Evil 5, an exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme, a black wired headset, and HDAV, HDMI, and Ethernet cables. As a bonus, Microsoft and Capcom are throwing in a voucher to download Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for free.

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