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Resident Evil 5 Map to Be Included in Multiplayer Shooter Umbrella Corps

You'll have to deal with its infected citizens, as well as other players.


Resident Evil multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps releases on PS4 and PC in May, and when it does, players can shoot each other in the Resident Evil 5 location, Kijuju.

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Capcom announced on its blog that the Resident Evil 5 location will be the biggest map in the game and features wide open areas and tighter underground passages.

In Resident Evil 5, Kijuju is a fictional African city decimated by the Plaga parasites that turn their hosts into zombie-like monsters. Every Umbrella Corps maps is populated by monsters, so you'll have to deal with them in addition to enemy players.

Other maps announced for the multiplayer shooter include Umbrella Lab, Village, and Tricell HQ.

You can check out gameplay of the Resident Evil shooter right here. GameSpot talked to Umbrella Corps producers Masachika Kawata and James Vance last year about where it fits in the Resident Evil timeline.

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