Resident Evil 5 debuting simultaneously on 360, PS3?

Capcom plans to release its latest horror-survival game on two consoles at once, a first for the series.


In an interview published in Xbox360ism (a special edition of Dorimaga), Capcom Research & Development division chief Keiji Inafune said he expects Resident Evil 5 to be released simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 if possible.

"We want to grow the Resident Evil series into a multi-platform franchise, so we hope to release it simultaneously [on the two next-generation consoles]," Inafune told Xbox360ism. "But since we don't know the launch period for the PS3 yet, so it's hard to say [if we can]."

Inafune also revealed that Resident Evil 5 will feature online elements, although he did not elaborate.

In other zombie-related Capcom news, Inafune said that his first project for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising, is slated for release after summer 2006. Inafune explained that the game could be released earlier, but he's taking the time to polish it as much as possible.

Inafune also revealed that Microsoft initially asked Capcom to make an original Xbox 360 title catered toward the taste of the Japanese consumers, but the third-party publisher declined. Inafune stated that Capcom's aim is to release games that will be a global hit, regardless of whether it's for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

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