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Discover all the Yellow Herbs to increase your maximum health in Resident Evil 4.


Resident Evil 4, much like the rest of the franchise, emphasizes the use of herbs to heal your characters. Yellow Herbs, in particular, tend to be very important, as they're the only way for you to increase your maximum HP. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs guide to help you find all the possible health upgrades in the campaign.

Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs guide

The Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs can't be used on their own. Instead, you'll have to mix them with a concoction, preferably one that already has a Green Herb and Red Herb mixed in. This is because a Green and Red Herb combination will heal you to almost full HP and, when a Yellow Herb is added, you'll also be granted its permanent max HP boost segment.

Likewise, you'll want to pay attention to the Merchant's Trade panel, since he also sells a Yellow Herb in exchange for 3x Spinels (a currency obtained by completing requests). In any case, we've divided our Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs guide into several sections depending on the main zones and areas. Similarly, most Yellow Herbs you missed initially can be acquired by backtracking to relevant locations, but you still need to be mindful of any points of no return throughout the campaign.

You can get a Yellow Herb from the Merchant by spending 3x Spinel.
You can get a Yellow Herb from the Merchant by spending 3x Spinel.

Village Yellow Herbs

These are some of the Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs that can be found in the Village zone:

  • Chapter 1: Farm - This Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herb will likely be the first one you'll obtain in the campaign. Go to the gatehouse (which has the cog machine and lever). The herb itself is behind the ladder.
  • Chapter 2: Mountain Village - Inside the first house to your left (seen on the featured image).
  • Chapter 3: Quarry/Fish Farm - Head past the Merchant hub and check the small dockyard with the boat and the Hexagon Altar Puzzle. It's in a small shack next to the ladder.
  • Chapter 4: Lake (Large Cave Shrine) - Found in one of the nooks in the cavern. It's under a short wooden bridge.
  • Chapter 5: Village Chief's House - Once Ashley is with you, return to the bedroom on the second floor and have her bring down the ladder. The Yellow Herb is on top of a crate seen as soon as you climb up. A Clockwork Castellan can also be found here.
  • Chapter 6: Checkpoint - Found on a wooden walkway that's across from the locked entrance of the main building.
Left: Village Chief's House; Right: Valley.

Castle Yellow Herbs

These are some of the Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs that you can pick up in the Castle zone:

  • Chapter 7: Audience Hall - While on the ground floor, check one of the dressers that has multiple candles.
  • Chapter 8: Castle Battlements - When you reach the top of the ramparts, you'll begin the second El Gigante encounter. The goal is to keep going to the left so you can use the cannon to kill the giant. However, the Yellow Herb, as well as a Clockwork Castellan, are to the right on an opposite tower. There's a pathway and a ladder that take you there. We advise grabbing these once you've finished off the giant. Otherwise, you'll have to contend with all the boulders that it keeps throwing.
  • Chapter 9: Courtyard (Save Point) - This is after the Castle Battlements section and the El Gigante fight. When the next chapter begins and Leon and Ashley are reunited, you'll see a Yellow Herb beside a gramophone.
  • Chapter 10: Depths - After Leon falls down the pit in the Throne Room, you'll end up in the Depths. Take out the creatures when your see their green eyes from below the water. Then, follow the path to the structure and kick the ruined wall. You'll find the Yellow Herb in a small nook.
  • Chapter 11: Hive - After the mine cart ride, Leon and Luis will reach the Hive area, which is crawling with Novistadors. Once you drop down, you should see your first roach baddie and an explosive barrel. The herb is beside a request note.
  • Chapter 12: Clock Tower - After the elevator sequence, you'll be back outside. Gingerly walk across the wooden beams and take out the crossbowmen. Then, look to your left to find a Merchant. The Yellow Herb is on a desk.

If you've obtained all previously mentioned Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs, all while combining them with Green and Red Herb mixes, then you should have maxed out Leon's HP. This will earn you the "My Body is a Temple" achievement.

Left: Audience Hall; Right: Castle Battlements.

Island Yellow Herbs

Whether or not you've maxed out Leon's HP already, you'll still be able to acquire additional Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs in the Island zone:

  • Chapter 13: Wharf (Cave) - After you get past the Wharf area with spotlights and laser turrets, you'll enter a cavern. The plant is in a small nook off to the side.
  • Chapter 13: Incubation Lab - Eventually, you'll see Ashley in a cell and you'll reach a facility. By solving the Keycard Console Power Puzzles, you'll be able to enter the Incubation Lab. The Yellow Herb is next to some bookshelves just before the room with the four Regeneradors in their stasis tanks.
  • Chapter 14: Amber Storeroom - Inside the far section of the building across from the large chunk of amber.
  • Chapter 15: Stronghold - Once you reach the part with the AA gun, head to the second floor of that building. It's just behind a nook as you exit the balcony.
  • Chapter 15: Sanctuary Approach - Just before you enter Sanctuary, there's an area that's crawling with Novistadors and other deranged mercs. The Yellow Herb is in the ruins to your left next to a filing cabinet.
Left: Wharf/Cave; Right: Incubation Lab.

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