Resident Evil 4 - Wayshrines And Cubic Device Guide

Unlock the Wayshrines and Cubic Device containers in Resident Evil 4.


There are many valuable items that you can discover in Resident Evil 4. Some are seen out in the open and others drop as loot. Likewise, there are also those that are found in ornate containers, requiring a specific key or contraption before they can be unlocked. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines and Cubic Device guide to help you with these mechanisms. Likewise, you can learn more in our Treasures and Gemstones hub.

Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines and Cubic Device guide

We've divided our Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines and Cubic Device guide into two sections. That's because these contraptions pertain to two of the zones in the game world: Wayshrines are found in the Village, whereas Cubic Devices are found in the Castle. While you'll stumble upon these containers early on, you'll only acquire the keys later in your run. The difference here is that, unlike the Small Keys that open Locked Drawers, the Wayshrine and Cubic Device items won't be consumed with just a single use.

Village Wayshrine locations and rewards

The Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines can be opened by the Old Wayshrine Key. This is found just after you defeat the Del Lago boss. As you exit the Mural Cave section, you'll see an altar to your right that has the Old Wayshrine Key. From here, you'll be able to sail a boat and fully explore the lake and previous areas. You'll want to backtrack to certain locations to unlock the contraptions that you've spotted before.

The altar has the Old Wayshrine Key.
The altar has the Old Wayshrine Key.
  • Lakeside Village - Sail to the Lakeside Village in the northern portion of the lake. You visited this place in an earlier chapter, and now you can grab the Pearl Bangle. You may also use the Insignia Key to unlock the gate, which leads to a small area called the Forest Altar.
  • Lake/Quarry - Follow the river as it winds to the southwest and you'll reach the bottom cliffside area of the Quarry bridge. The Wayshrine here contains a Splendid Bangle. Also, if you haven't done it yet, you can shoot the Hanging Lantern up top to make the Alexandrite drop.
  • Lake/Quarry Merchant Hub - Head to the Dockyard with the Merchant Hub and backtrack along the path that leads to the large Quarry area. The Wayshrine here has the Butterfly Lamp. Note that if you've already solved the Mural Cave Puzzle and you have the Church Insignia, advancing further will lead to the El Gigante boss fight, as well as a landslide that will destroy the bridge that leads back to the lake. Make sure you've done all your treasure hunting and side objectives by then.
  • Farm - This is near the gatehouse which you opened with the cog. It has an Antique Pipe.
  • Valley - This Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine is found at the back section of the upper wooden walkway. It has an Elegant Headdress.
From left to right: Lake/Quarry cliffside; Fishing Village (north); Valley.

Castle Cubic Device locations and rewards

The Resident Evil 4 Cubic Device is the one that opens Square-Box Containers in the Castle. You'll find it while doing the Chimera Puzzle in the Grand Hall. Specifically, once you clear the Armory encounter, you'll be able to pick it up from a box in the next hallway. The difference with the containers here is that, once the Cubic Device is placed, you'll need to rotate or flip it to match the indentations.

You can get the Cubic Device after clearing the Armory encounter.
You can get the Cubic Device after clearing the Armory encounter.
  • Grand Hall Merchant Hub - Contains a Butterfly Lamp.
  • Audience Hall - You can return to the previous area by entering the side door in the Merchant Hub, which has a tram that takes you back to the Audience Hall. However, there will be several cultists here, as well as a Monk that will mutate their parasites via chants. The container across from the Merchant's spot has a Justitia Statue.
  • Library #1 - After solving the Chimera Puzzle and taking control of Ashley, Leon will have a shot at exploring the Library. You'll find this on the second-floor landing, and you can claim the CQBR Assault Rifle.
  • Library #2 - From there, head to the staircase off to the side to reach the top floor of the Library. The container here has the Golden Lynx (and we all know that cat's are awesome).
  • Throne Room - Although Leon falls down a pit in one chapter, you'll be able to revisit this location once you've made it out of the Mines. Go to the back right to find this last cabinet, which has a Gold Chicken Egg. You can also do the Disgrace of the Salazar Family request here.
From left to right: Audience Hall; Library (CQBR); Library (top floor).

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