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Resident Evil 4 VR Gets Debut Trailer, Coming To PS VR2

A brief trailer showed off the survival action of Resident Evil 4 taking place in first-person VR mode.


During the PlayStation Showcase, Capcom showed off the VR mode for Resident Evil 4 with a harrowing, creepy trailer. The brief look at the upcoming mode showed segments near the beginning of the game, as Leon searches for a missing person and then comes face to face with a hamlet full of monster-infested villagers.

The VR trailer suggested the first-person perspective may make Leon a little more nimble than using a traditional controller, with a quick knife-motion followed by fluid gunplay that tilted the firearm to the side. It ended with a confrontation with the chainsaw-wielding villager, barely holding it back with a knife.

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The end of the trailer simply said that the mode is in development for PSVR2.

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