Resident Evil 4 sells half a million

NPD reports Capcom's gory cult-member slaughter hits retail milestone; M-rated game to be released on the PS2 later this year.


Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube has sold more than 500,000 units in North America, according to the NPD Group. The game was published by Capcom and was previously a GameCube exclusive before being announced for the PlayStation 2 in October of 2004. PS2s will get a taste of the frightfest this November.

Apparently, the M for Mature rating hasn't scared off consumers. Though the game features decapitations by chain saw-wielding maniacs, shotgun blasts that make heads explode, and acid-vomiting creatures that burn flesh from the hero's face, the game continues to sell well on what is considered to be the most family-friendly of the three major gaming consoles.

In the game, series hero Leon ventures outside of Raccoon City to search for the American president's missing daughter. His journey takes him to a quaint village in Europe, where the locals have collectively adopted a strange behavior. Most notably, they try to kill Leon with pitchforks and other farm utensils. The third-person game met critical acclaim when it was released on January 11. For more information on Resident Evil 4, read GameSpot's full review.

Though Capcom is enjoying M-rated success stateside, it's recently run into problems in Japan concerning one of its Mature-rated games. Grand Theft Auto III, published by the company in Japan, is facing sales restrictions to minors in one prefecture, with the possibility of more regions to follow suit. In response, Capcom has threatened legal action.

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