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Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Be More Horror-Focused - Report

According to sources, Capcom's unannounced remake of Resident Evil 4 is inspired by the original game's spooky prototypes.


In a new report by Fanbyte, more details on the rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake have surfaced. According to the site's sources, Capcom's approach to the unannounced project will deviate from the original game, with some scenes being "dramatically" changed. Another departure will see a decent portion of the game allegedly take place at night, including an early sequence featuring protagonist Leon Kennedy fighting off a horde of infected villagers.

In another twist, even the tone of Resident Evil 4 Remake might be altered. The original game was noteworthy for steering the franchise away from survival-horror and towards a more action-packed experience, but the remake could return to the game's spookier roots. According to Fanbyte, this direction is inspired by Resident Evil 4's original prototype builds, which had a heavy emphasis on horror and supernatural elements.

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Side characters are allegedly also being given a beefier role and more screen time, while Ada Wong's original Assignment and Separate Ways content could be retooled to give players a better side-story experience. It'll likely still be a while before Capcom officially announces or confirms the existence of its latest Resident Evil remake, but fans of what is arguably considered the best game in the series can still revisit Spain's creepiest tourist destination on several platforms.

Resident Evil 4 got the virtual reality treatment on Meta's Quest 2 headset, and if you own the original game on PC, you can apply a good-looking HD upgrade to it thanks to a recent fan project that was completed. If that's not enough, you can always check out Resident Evil Village, one of the best games of 2021 and a true spiritual sequel to its classic predecessor.

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