Resident Evil 4 Remake Rain Effects Will Be Adjusted In Day One Patch

Following criticisms of Resident Evil 4's rain effects, Capcom will make adjustments in day-one patch.


The upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake will get a day-one patch that aims to address the game's rain effects, which had gotten some criticism amongst the community. As part of a Press Start interview, Resident Evil 4 Remake producer Hirabayashi Yoshiaki said, "We’ve seen everyone’s reaction to the rain effects, and we are working on a day-one patch to make adjustments."

As shown in a preview video from Game Informer, the rain effects in Resident Evil 4 Remake seemed overbearing, causing the community to refer to it as “raingate."

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It's unclear how the day-one patch will impact the rain since Capcom did not specify. But many are likely hoping it will be toned down to match the rest of the game's aesthetics. It's also unknown what else--if anything--the day-one patch will address, aside from fixing "miscellaneous bugs." The patch, version 1.02, will clock in at around 4GB, and will release when the game launches on March 24, 2023.

Before the game's full release, a free demo will go live across various platforms, though it's unknown when exactly it'll be available. We'll likely find out more during the Capcom Spotlight presentation on March 9, 2023.

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