Resident Evil 4 - Jewel Thief And Scratched Emerald Guide

Find the Scratched Emerald in Resident Evil 4.


There are several Merchant Requests that you can do in Resident Evil 4. One of these is called Jewel Thief, where you'll need to look for a unique jewel that's been stolen by a bird. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief guide to help you find the Scratched Emerald in the crow's nest.

Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief and Scratched Emerald guide

The Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief request can be picked up from a note during Chapter 12. Basically, once you've returned to the Ballroom from the Underground Tunnel, you'll see a Merchant's hub and a cable car (which you don't want to ride yet). Pick up the note, which tells you about a gem that was stolen by a crow. There's also another request here called Disgrace of the Salazar Family, which we discuss separately.

Anyway, you'll need to look for a crow's nest. This can be found all the way back at the start of the Courtyard Maze area. Specifically, this is the section where Ashley attacked Leon with a knife, which caused the two to get separated during an earlier chapter.

Courtyard entrance map
Courtyard entrance map

You can make your way there by going back to the Ballroom, followed by the Grand Hall. Then, once you reach the Courtyard, go to the opposite side. There might be some enemies here, so watch out.

The crow's nest in on the roof of the structure near the Merchant's room in this section. All you need to do is shoot the nest, and the Scratched Emerald will drop. Pick up the Scratched Emerald and sell it to the Merchant. This will complete the Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief request. You'll also earn 3x Spinels for your troubles.

Shoot the Crow's Nest so you can grab the gem.
Shoot the Crow's Nest so you can grab the gem.

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