Resident Evil 4 All Blue Medallions Guide

Destroy all the Blue Medallions in various areas in Resident Evil 4.


Blue medallions are back in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are several Merchant Requests that reward Spinels in Resident Evil 4. One that recurs a few times during the campaign has you looking for Blue Medallions. These objects, usually dangling from the environment, can be shot to complete the tally. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions locations guide to help you complete the objectives in each area.

Resident Evil 4 all Blue Medallions guide

We've divided our Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions guide into several sections pertaining to the relevant areas in the game. Once you've picked up the Merchant note, you should see the icons appear on your map. Destroying all of those that are required in a given section, then returning to the Merchant, will net you the Spinel rewards.

Village - Farm Blue Medallions

These are the Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions in the Village's Farm area. Given that this is the first instance that you'll encounter this task, the objects are relatively easy to find as they're in the same general location:

  • Blue Medallion 1 - Behind the hut with the typewriter.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - In the stalls of the barn adjacent to the above.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - On the ceiling of the barn that's beside the small windmill.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - Visible from the window/opening of the main building.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - Behind the Wayshrine.
From left to right: Medallions 1 and 2; Medallion 3; Medallion 4; Medallion 5; Farm map.

Village - Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallions

There are five Blue Medallions in the Quarry and Fish Farm areas:

  • Blue Medallion 1 - Hanging from a rope at the top of the main Quarry area; a treasure lantern is also hanging here.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - Below the wooden walkway in the adjacent section where you'll also find the boat and the Hexagon Altar Puzzle.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - Inside the central hut in the Fish Farm area.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - On a wooden wall just past the rampway.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - Underneath a jetty close to the northern portion of this part, which also has a Hexagon Piece nearby.
From left to right: Medallion 1; Medallion 2; Medallion 3; Medallion 4; Medallion 5; Fish Farm map.

Castle - Gate and Entrance Blue Medallions

The Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions in the Castle Gate section are initially found while you're being bombarded by catapults. Don't bother going for these ornaments if it's too risky. Instead, you'll want to destroy the catapults first, either by shooting the explosive barrels in those positions or by elevating the cannon and blowing up the artillery. The note itself, which will show the objects on your map, can be picked up once you break through the main gate with the cannon.

  • Blue Medallion 1 - Attached to a tree outside the walled area. This is found just before the steps that lead to the short cutscene where the catapult blows up a structure.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - Once you reach the main area, you should see this dangling off a structure in the ruined section in the center.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - This is further up and to the left close to the windows.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - Follow the narrow walkway to the gazebo to find this dangling off to the side.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - Drop off the ledge to reach the cannon and this object.
  • Blue Medallion 6 - From where the cannon is, follow the looping path until you reach the far side of the battlements. There's a medallion here and a chest with a treasure. The door can be unlocked, leading back to the ruined central section.
From left to right: Medallion 1; Medallions 2 and 3; Medallion 4; Medallion 5; Medallion 6.

Castle - Grand Hall Blue Medallions

The Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions in the Grand Hall are easy enough to find. Three are in the main area, and the others are in connected sections, which you'll visit while solving the Chimera Heads Puzzle.

  • Blue Medallion 1 - Above a dresser before the main hall section.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - Behind the Chimera Statue.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - Stuck to the chandelier, which can be shot when you go to the second-floor landing.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - On the back window in the Dining Hall.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - In a niche in the right-hand side of the Armory just before you drop down.
  • Blue Medallion 6 - Attached to a pillar in the Gallery which you can see after the bridge is lowered.
From left to right: Medallion 1; Medallion 2; Medallion 3; Medallion 4; Medallion 5; Medallion 6; Grand Hall map.

Island - Cargo Depot Blue Medallions

The Blue Medallions in the Cargo Depot are found after you gain a Level 3 Keycard to rescue Ashley. In the next chapter, you'll see the Merchant and, outside that room, there's a yard with a few enemies.

  • Blue Medallion 1 - Attached to a yellow walkway high above the metal door that leads back to the Merchant.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - To the left of and slightly below the metal door the leads back to the Merchant.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - From the metal door, go to the scrapyard to the left. This is attached to a cargo container.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - Directly across from that is another one of these.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - Head all the way to the left and look up. You'll spot this on top of a water tank.
From left to right: Medallions 1 and 2; Medallions 3 and 4; Medallion 5.

Island - Cliffside Ruins Blue Medallions

These Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions comprise the last set in the campaign. After the helicopter explodes in this chapter, you'll come across an abandoned village. The request note itself is further to the right next to a door that leads to a building called the Storage Specimen. Do not, under any circumstances, rotate the crank and go through the metal door there, as that is a point of no return.

  • Blue Medallion 1 - After picking up the note, turn left and you'll see this on a wooden structure.
  • Blue Medallion 2 - This one is high up top inside the church tower.
  • Blue Medallion 3 - Backtrack a little from the wooden structure. You should see this attached to a pillar that juts out of the lower area with a treasure chest.
  • Blue Medallion 4 - Head back to the initial section of the ruined village. This is in a nook near a ladder that leads to the lower area with the chest.
  • Blue Medallion 5 - Finally, check the lower area. You should see a gap overlooking the sea. You'll spot this on the rocky crags.
From left to right: Medallions 1, 2, and 3; Medallion 4; Medallion 5.

We'll continue to add more Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallion challenges, so stay tuned. Likewise, you can learn about other features and mechanics in our guides hub.

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