Resident Evil 2's Challenging Ghost Survivors DLC Is Out Now

And it includes new zombie types to fight.


Capcom has released The Ghost Survivors DLC for the remake of Resident Evil 2. The expansion is free and available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Much like The 4th Survivor mode, The Ghost Survivors focuses on other characters you never interacted with in Leon and Claire's adventure throughout Raccoon City's police station. However, unlike the fourth survivor, Umbrella Security Services agent Hunk, these three additional characters are not meant to make it through the zombie outbreak. In fact, some met their demise prior to the events of the game, as you can discover their fate in Resident Evil 2's campaign.

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The first story, titled No Time To Mourn, focuses on Robert Kendo. Robert is the owner of Gun Shop Kendo, who sets out with a small arsenal to brave Raccoon City's streets--which are filled with a new type of poisonous zombie--in search of a means of escape. The second story, Runaway, follows Katherine Warren. The daughter of Raccoon City's mayor, Katherine must sneak her way to safety, all while avoiding or fighting a strangely mutated zombie that can only be stopped with special ammunition. The third story, Forgotten Soldier, follows Ghost. Like Hunk, Ghost is a U.S.S. agent that also survived the initial outbreak and is now trying to escape.

Each story can be tackled on a regular difficulty, or an easier training mode. In a blog post, Capcom social media specialist Kellen Haney described each story as a "what if" scenario, providing "an alternate look at what things might have been like." So The Ghost Survivors isn't canon to the established lore of Resident Evil like The 4th Survivor is.

In our Resident Evil 2 review, Alessandro Fillari gave the game a 9/10, writing, "Resident Evil 2 is not only a stellar remake of the original, but it's also simply a strong horror game that delivers anxiety-inducing and grotesque situations, topping some of the series' finest entries. But above all, the remake is an impressive game for the fact that it goes all-in on the pure survival horror experience, confidently embracing its horrifying tone and rarely letting up until the story's conclusion. Though Resident Evil 2 has its roots firmly in the past, it reworks the familiar horrors into something that feels brand new and all its own."

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