Resident Evil 2 Remake Screenshots Show Claire's New Look And A Reimagined Mutated Birkin

Releasing January 22 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Resident Evil 2 made a fantastic first impression at E3 2018, immediately becoming one of our top games of the show. We've been waiting in anticipation for a new glimpse of the game, and at Gamescom 2018, we got just that. Capcom has released some new info and images about the upcoming reimagining of the classic Resident Evil 2, which looks to rethink many of the familiar and established aspects of the original PSX game.

In the following screenshots, we see Claire Redfield encounter Sherry Birkin--the daughter of the mad scientists behind the G-Virus--and RPD police chief Brian Irons, all of whom have brand-new looks for the remake. But of course, the biggest surprise is the reveal of the mutated William Birkin, who manages to look even more gruesome than in the original game. Matt Espineli had the chance go hands-on with the game, and he came away incredibly impressed with the new vision of the game.

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Much like 2002's Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be a reimagined take on the original game. Featuring a revised narrative, new encounters, and some other surprises, the remake will be a fresh game for newcomers to the series who missed out on the original, but also for longtime fans as well. Like the intial game, RE2 will feature two unique storylines for its two lead characters, rookie RPD cop Leon Kennedy, and Claire Redfield, the sister of original protagonist Chris Redfield. Unlike the original game, however, the remake's parallel campaigns will be unique to each character, with no possibility to swap out events with different characters.

Be sure to check back with us at GameSpot for our continuing coverage of Gamescom 2018, including our hands-on impressions of Devil May Cry 5. For more info about all the latest, check out our Gamescom hub page.

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