Resident Evil 2 Mod Offers A First-Person Mode

Everything's scarier in (first) person.

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Resident Evil 2's remake has gotten off to a strong start both commercially and critically. Perhaps inspired by the acclaimed Resident Evil 7, a new first-person view mod offers a much different way to play this updated take on the survival-horror classic.

According to a report by Rock Paper Shotgun, the RE2 Mod Framework, created by a modder named "praydog," snaps the camera behind the eyes of either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield in a first-person view. In addition to seeing your arms, hands, and weapon of choice, you can see your legs, so you won't just be a floating head or set of arms.

In order to install the mod, you'll have to download the DLL file and paste it into the game's directory on PC. From there, you unpack all the GitHub code and run the "install_vs2017" file in the same directory. Relaunch the game and you'll see a "first-person mode" menu box. Check it and you'll start the game in first-person. (Of course, you should always be wary when downloading things online.)

While most actions will take place in first-person after toggling the option, Resident Evil 2 will occasionally zoom out to third-person perspective to give you a better view. When grabbed by a zombie, for example, the camera will go into third-person until you free yourself, after which it'll snap back to first-person. The only problem: the mod's only available on PC, as you'd expect.

Even if you've finished everything that Resident Evil 2 has to offer, new content is on the way later this month. The Ghost Survivors mode launches soon as free DLC.

In our Resident Evil 2 review, we said, "Resident Evil 2 seems more like a product out of Hollywood than the video game industry," stating that it "surpasses its predecessor in nearly every aspect of gameplay, and in short, Capcom has outdone itself."

Resident Evil 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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STOP with the FPS BS already, RE games will always worth playing x10 times more in 3TPP those games work so much on ur surroundings and that gets so lost on FPS crap.

The next thing I want to hear is: CYBERPUNK 2077 MOD OFFERS A THIRD PERSON VIEW and the game looks awesome.

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Give it a try

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I'll accept 3rd person view (original) or an over the shoulder view... but 1st person view in an RE game needs to go away, enjoyed RE7 for what it was, but it should have had another name other than Resident Evil.

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@pharoe777: let's not be stupid now

Avatar image for pharoe777

@undeadzombie: Let's not act stupid now

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Why do you want to do that?

Avatar image for undeadzombie

@cboye18: why do you want fixed camera angles?

Avatar image for maitkarro

@undeadzombie: Fixed Camera angles haven't been used for 20 years in RE/Biohazaard, this is about first person or over the shoulder cams.

Avatar image for undeadzombie

@maitkarro: why would they bring fixed camera angles back? That's the 90s now it's 2019 welcome to the 21st century

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Need PSVR support :(