Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 On Sale For $45 Right Now (PS4, Xbox One)

These new releases are worth owning.

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New games seem to be going on sale faster than ever these days, and two of the biggest games of 2019 so far are following the trend. Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, both of which released just over a month ago, are already available for $15 off their launch price. Using the code EMCTWTU48, you can drop the price from $60 to $45 on both of these critically acclaimed titles.

Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2 does justice to the original while improving nearly every aspect of the experience for the better. RE2's amazing visuals, expanded story, terrifying survival horror atmosphere, and challenging bonus modes have some claiming it could be a Game of the Year contender. "Resident Evil 2 is not only a stellar remake of the original, but it's also simply a strong horror game that delivers anxiety-inducing and grotesque situations, topping some of the series' finest entries," wrote GameSpot's Alessandro Fillari in his Resident Evil 2 review. Another reason to pick up RE2 now: its free DLC, The Ghost Survivors, just released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the long-awaited culmination of a series that began 17 years ago. Like the other games, you explore various Disney and Pixar worlds as Sora with companions Donald and Goofy along for the ride. The plot is convoluted and the finale left some fans feeling underwhelmed, but GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain ultimately scored it an 8 in his Kingdom Hearts 3 review. "It's everything fans love about the series: a thrilling action-RPG that celebrates Disney and Pixar, all the while ensuring themes of friendship, heroism, and pure-hearted goodness shine bright," he wrote.

This promo code expires on March 4 at 11:59 PT / 2:59 ET or sooner based on availability, so don't wait if you want to snag these worthy games.

  • Buy Resident Evil 2 -- PS4, Xbox One -- $45 with code EMCTWTU48
  • Buy Kingdom Hearts 3 -- PS4, Xbox One -- $45 with code EMCTWTU48

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Avatar image for chillingnaire

Traded both in for Sekiro and DMCV. RE2 was pretty good and as a lifelong kh fan kh3 was very disappointing imo rushed through it to not waste my 7 day return.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

KH3 + RE2R = $90

Dead or alive 6 season pass $93

Avatar image for Vodoo

They're tending on eBay at $45 new anyway. So if you missed this sale, check out eBay.

Avatar image for santinegrete

I don't discuss the worth of the sale, but I want to add, that for RE2, I couldn't wait. Worth it tough.

Avatar image for Branden_Lucero

if these games can be $45 now, then i can wait even more when they're $20.

Avatar image for justthetip

Resident Evil 2 is definitely worth it. I bought it at full price, and that was worth it, too. Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t do it for me. I beat the game only because I thought I should after all this time. Maybe it’s because it took so long for it to come out, and I didn’t play any of the 50 filler games after KH2, but I’m over that series.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

@justthetip: Agree, i think it came out a decade to late and im a big fan of the series.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Having fun playing RE2, but it is causing me to have tons of motion sickness. The game is running pretty well on 2k 1440p at a rock solid 75mhz and 75fps. But cannot figure out whats up with so much motion sickness, Anyone else getting it??

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@jenovaschilld: There's no fixing the retarded OTS perspective. However, you should try adjusting your FOV slider, like Froggo suggests, and disabling Camera Wobble. I've not had any issues with motion sickness, but I've never tried playing without adjusting those settings first. Also, Film Grain can go suck a lemon. 🍋

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@asnakeneverdies: yeah both of them helped.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@jenovaschilld: have you tried adjusting the FOV?

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@xantufrog: yeah, played around with it and finally feels better.

Avatar image for Barighm

@jenovaschilld: If the game has a motion blur option, try disabling it. Works for me.

Avatar image for ice12tray

So who’s having the sale? Where do we put in the code? Amateur hour...

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@ice12tray: Hard to see, as the link is right before the code

Buy Resident Evil 2 -- ((((((PS4, Xbox One))))))) -- $45 with code EMCTWTU48

by the ps4 or xbox one at - which, I agree, is poorly done and newegg should be mentioned in the title.

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

Like...y'all didn't even say what site is having the sale...and they're an affiliate. Yikes.