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Resident Evil 2 Free DLC Mode Coming Post-Launch

It just keeps coming back.


Capcom has announced a new mode coming to Resident Evil 2 after launch, which aims to add some longevity with repeatable missions and random elements. The "Ghost Survivors" mode will be free for all players, and it will be released in multiple volumes.

A post on ResetEra details the announcement from Capcom's launch event stream. Ghost Survivors will release across three volumes. The first volume will include the mayor's daughter Katherine and a USS member named Robert Kendo as playable characters. The mode is also said to include at least one new enemy type that doesn't appear in the main campaign. To keep the mode fresh, it will introduce random elements and an in-game shop that lets you purchase upgrades based on good performance in the challenges.

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The RE2 remake will also sport the bonus 4th Survivor and Tofu modes from the original, giving you a little more to do after you've completed the main campaign. 4th Survivor puts you into the shoes of special agent HUNK, while Tofu lets you explore the zombie-infested city as a big block of substitute soy meat.

If you need to catch up on Resident Evil before the game drops, check out our story recap to refresh yourself on the world of survival horror. Plus you can read up on our pre-order guide to check out the bonus items available, and why Akuma should make a guest appearance.

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