Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Dev Working on New Survival Horror Game

There's obviously nothing scarier than limited save points.


Resident Evil 2 was undergoing a fan remake before Capcom officially announced the development of its own. That project was then abandoned, and now the fan remake developer is creating a new game with the help of former Capcom designer Satoshi Nakai, who worked on Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica.

Developer Invader Studios released an announcement trailer for Daymare: 1998, a third-person survival horror game akin to Resident Evil 4. It's obviously inspired by Resident Evil 2, with the setting looking quite a bit like Raccoon City and the titular year also being when the classic survival-horror game debuted. Additionally, the trailer features the phrase "Survival Horror Is Reborn," which is a nod to the fan remake's title, "Resident Evil 2: Reborn." You can check it out for yourself in the video below.

Invader says Daymare will feature a multi-character storyline full of references to '90s pop culture and horror movies. It also noted that "your favourite survival horror nightmares are back to haunt you," such as limited save points. Hopefully Daymare does more than rely on outdated systems and mechanics to make itself scary. It added that there would also be more enemies than ammunition.

Daymare: 1998 is set to release for PC, but no release date has been announced. You can check out some images from the project in the gallery below.

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Capcom's offical Resident Evil 2 remake was announced last year and is "rebuilt from the ground up." We haven't heard much else about the project since its announcement.

We've heard plenty about Resident Evil 7, however, which is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017. The ESRB recently confirmed a bunch of story details and weapons we'll see in the upcoming game.

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