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Resident Evil 2 Board Game Is A Quick Success

Funded in an hour.


The makers of the massively popular Dark Souls board game are back with a new project, and like that one, it's already a big hit. Steamforged Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil 2 The Board Game this week, and it met its funding goal of £150,000 in just an hour. At press time, funding stands at £328,440 from nearly 4,500 backers (via Kotaku).

Described as a co-op survival horror game for 1-4 players, Resident Evil 2's board game lets you choose familiar characters like Claire Redfield and Ada Wong, among others. The tabletop game is set in Raccoon City and it aims to "capture the essence of the much-loved original video games while offering new twists and turns."

You can secure the Resident Evil 2 board game by pledging £70 for the Survivor Pledge, which is the only option available. However, you can pay extra to unlock expansions like the Malformations of G model set (+£28) and the Retro Pack (£20), which recreates the artwork and style for all of the items to appear like they did in the original version of the game.

Additionally, you can pledge a lower amount to support the production of the game, but you won't get anything apart from the good feeling of knowing you helped.

Go to the Resident Evil 2 board game page on Kickstarter to learn more.

As for the Resident Evil video game franchise, Capcom is working on a remake of Resident Evil 2 that is supposedly "rebuilt from the ground up."

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