Requiem For A Dream's Aronofsky and Leto Teaming For Adrift

The maritime horror flick doesn't yet have a release date.


Actor Jared Leto and director Darren Aronofsky will reportedly be reuniting to work together on Adrift, an upcoming movie currently in pre-production according to Deadline. The pair arguably helped launch each other's careers in the 2000 psychological drama Requiem for a Dream--a cautionary tale about drug addiction that doesn't pull any punches--and Adrift would be their first re-teaming since that film.

Like Requiem for a Dream, which was an adaptation of the 1978 novel of the same name, Adrift also has literary roots. The film is based on a short story by Koji Suzuki, who wrote The Ring, so it's safe to guess that Adrift on the big screen's vibe will be generally unsettling and at sea.

The story Adrift comes from a collection of short stories whose title translates into English as Dark Water. Each of the book's short stories dives into a different atrocity committed by humans against themselves--which, knowing Aronofsky and his established fascination with the same in his films, should be fertile ground as inspiration for another movie.

Aronofsky has also recently entered into a partnership with independent studio and film distributor A24 for The Whale, starring Brendan Fraser. That film is another adaptation, though rather from a book, this one comes from playwright Samuel D. Hunter, who will write the script adapting his own critically acclaimed 2012 play. The story is about a 600-pound recluse who hides away from the world to eat himself to death. Maybe Aronofsky just needs a hug?

Leto, meanwhile, has the upcoming Morbius, a Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 spin-off about the vampiric Spider-Man villain. The movie has been "upcoming" for a while due to a number of delays but is currently expected to hit theaters on January 21, 2022--so a little under a year. Leto has said the role has been difficult for him because the character is "closer to who I am." Maybe Leto, also, just needs a hug?

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