Report: Wii overtakes 360 in international sales

<i>Financial Times</i> reports that, despite a year head start, Microsoft's console has fallen behind Nintendo's plucky box; PS3 running a distant third.


Today, the Financial Times reported that the three-way race between the next-generation consoles has a new frontrunner. Citing cumulative sales data through the end of July, the British newspaper's Japanese correspondent is claiming that the Nintendo Wii has now sold more units worldwide than the Xbox 360, despite the latter's year-long head start.

According to the FT, approximately 9 million Wiis were purchased across the globe as of July 31, just barely overtaking the 360's sales of 8.9 million units during the same period. Both platforms were far ahead of the PlayStation 3, which sold only around an estimated 3.7 million units internationally.

If those numbers seem low, it's because they are for consoles that have been sold, not shipped. Typically, hardware makers tout the number of consoles they have shipped into the retail channels, not the number of actual consoles sold. In July, Microsoft announced it had shipped 11.5 million 360s, short of its self-imposed 12-million-unit goal. In May, Sony said it produced 5.5 million PS3s worldwide, though it has since changed its tracking method to account for consoles sold instead of made. Reps for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony had not responded to requests for comment on the FT piece as of press time.

If accurate, the Wii sales milestone is a watershed for Nintendo. Though it has consistently dominated the handheld market, the 9-million-unit figure would mark the first time since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System era that Nintendo can lay claim to the best-selling console of its generation.

After launching a year behind the PlayStation 2 in 2001, the GameCube slid into third place, falling behind the Xbox, which was launched at nearly the same time. According to Wedbush Morgan Securities estimates, the still-in-production PS2 sold 112 million units internationally as of April 2007. By comparison, the now-discontinued Xbox and GameCube sold 23.1 million and 22.1 million units, respectively. Launched in late 1998, the Sega Dreamcast only sold 8.5 million units worldwide during its short lifetime.

The Mario Factory's previous console, the Nintendo 64, was trounced by the then-upstart original PlayStation, selling an estimated 29.8 million to 85.7 million units through April 2007. The SNES sold 46.5 million units, versus the Sega Genesis' 25.8 million units.

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i think the reall winner here right now (asides from nintendo steamrollling at the moment) is the video game industry, i personally like nintendo the best, playstation second, and x-box last only because i am a hard core rpg gamer that grew up on a nintendo system. to me nintendo and sony did what i liked best, games with alot of substance, meaning, and feeling in them, as opposed to your regular FPS

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Wii60 is just a lame way of saying, Anything but sony. now I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the ps3 is more powerfull or it shows that it has more potential or that u need 2 consoles to make up for 1.... i dunno, What I do know is that Warhawk kicked ass, and in a big way. Heavenly sword is awsome, elder scrolls was far superior to the 360 version, the darkness also, we have both tom clancey games, All the sports games from both ea and 2k, and coming soon, Killzone 2, Little big planet, Drakes Fortune,....Final fantasy, Final Fantasy versus, last remenent, Devil may cry, Cough... METAL GEAR SOLID, Which id rather play then halo..1...2 .. or 3, and by the way,.. It took the 360 what 2 years before halo 3 comes out and it looks like halo 2.5, I dont get that at all, must be running out of disk space for high texture samples, Although im sure all the 360 fans will say "Its the game play" because halo now looks like a Dreamcast game compared to what games are looking like, except for on the wii. So while your blasting the ps3 that u havent probibly sat down and playyed , Remember that the 360 had nothing, at all till gears. I u actually had a ps3 im sure your story would change once u see all the possibilitys of it. The reviews on the games its getting are hittin 8 and over, So I dont see a problem there, And since when did people rely so much on reviews and scores.. I mean.. theres games out there that everybody likes that got bad reviews at one time or another, really people, what your buying is budget gaming, thats it

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man the wii may have the numbers...but all those wii-guys will soon recognise hitting a vitual tennis ball for the 5 billionth time gets repitive - by then ill be plyaing HALO 3, MASS EFFECT, FALLOUT 3, World in Conflict....748284372 minutes later...yeah and the PS3 does some stuff to ....MGS...cough...cough...yes Wii players u have nothing but a shiny piece of hardware - go ^#$%% %$#^%#$^$#^ urselves Wiis

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WhenEver I come onto This site I see a topic about Nintendo's dominance (Which is realy starting to get a bit repative) all the better for it, It makes me smile as a gaming fan, Im so excited about the Wii and whats happening with it, In terms of games coming, gameplay, support, Sales ect.. You see the thing that gets me is that, I have to read through the posts until i see a cocky sony fanboy that cannot accept success for what it is (maybe they are not used to it, Loosing that is) They try and make some Logical Excuse for the Wii Pwning everything bar the DS in the market (ROFL) Its Jus boring now listening to a fan boy insulting nintendo with comments like 'Real Games' Only casual auidence. Im a Super gamer, (HaRd CoRe one) i play games second to feeding myself and work. Sony fan boys need to be injected with some Smash Bros, Or corruption, or Halo. It will open thier eyes a bit. Then they'll Realise the reason why Wii are more successful this GeN, and why they Lag behind (PS3 Sales) P.s i do like sony very much, I jus feel the need to stand up for Big N as The two powerhouses of this Gen speed away from competition ( Wii DS) ...... Thanks for reading.... and goodnight

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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if the wii hadnt sold, nintendo would do what sega did with the dreamcast and turn into a games company. i still think that the ps3 and 360 nail the wii though as they are for real gamers (yes im a nerd lol) and the ps3 just needs time. im still pissed with ms as im on my 3rd 360 and its still close to breaking

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Thank You, Thank you. However, the Wii might not stay in it needs GOOD GAMES!

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if all Wii games supported a normal controler. and the Wii could handle next gen games, it would be made of pure win, looks like its won this "gen" anyway Good for Nintendo, after the Gamecubes flop they are certainly the big contenders they used to be once again :D

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Wow! The Wii is on a roll. The numbers will slow down soon though

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looking at everything from a sales perspective, nintendo has successfully made a system that casual gamers will buy. they aimed for the casual gamer market unlike the PS3. The numbers show where the money goes, and it has nintendo ahead of microsoft and sony. yes casual gamers will keep buying the wii like they did for the ps2. it leads to casual games which in my mind suck but it's what the wii is aimed for. I have a roommate who just bought a wii 4 days ago, and has played metroid prime 3 Corruption... The game looks really pretty and the cinematics in the game are amazing. I do have a small complaint with the loading times for some rooms, but it doesn't take away from the gameplaying experience that much. All i can say is that the Wii has found it's market. You will eventually see more third party support for bigger games, but at this point, the third party support for the wii has made embarrassing games. It's not models that save a system, it's Textures. You can have the greatest model in the world, and it will look like **** if you have a bad texture on it. That's why MP3C ends up looking amazing is the texture work.

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Not only is the Nintendo Wii a good system but it's cheap which is one of the main reasons as too why people bought it, next generation console, for a low price = SELL! The Xbox360 is a better system though in my opinion but that just be because I'm too lazy to move the controls and what not, lol. But both are great systems, oh, and poopy on you Sony.

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yeah.. Uh... when do they release God of war? 2010? when will this $399 P$3 come out? 2011? Late like everything else for it?

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Mass Effect+Halo3+SMG+SSBB ATTACKS SONY'S WEAK SPOT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!! ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boom! Headshot! lol If you understood that youd know what I mean :)

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yea the slumping ps3 its no surprise that it is in the dust... and gran turismo 5 ain't gonna help it much

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I was pulling for the WIi. Now with Super Smash Bros. and Halo 3 coming out, we'll see who really will come out the winner.

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There's no reason for me to buy a Wii, but I sure would like to see what console manufacturers come up with in the generation/s to come, controller-wise.

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Who cares about casual gamers. When it time to sell software, we'll see which console gets all the good games. Wii, I admire and respect it... but damn, I get the feeling it wont have many good games.

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Wii60 for life

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Now we all know who really won.

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Wii60 FTW! 360 + Mass Effect + Halo 3 + Bioshock = Massive Sales Wii + Super Smash Bros Brawl + Metroid Prime 3 + Res Evil 4 = Massive Sales PS3 + ?Warhawk ? + no new good games = MASSIVE DAMAGE! lolz............................................................................................................................ wow this is no suprise. It just seems to me that Sony Consoles get good about 2-3 years after they're out, but by then M$ and Nintendo have got something better.

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@ ghsacidman: Naruto is ace, it's got great character designs, generally has good plot (some annoying parts like Gaara's sand monster thing), good action with interesting fights (not just action hero punch punch), a very unique world and more.

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yeah .. this is too good, The wii actually surpassed the 360 , I never thought it would be so fast. But its all good, all systems are doing well, and thats the best option for gamers, everybody wins, no one is left behind ... :)

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PS3 will have the same lifespan as the other systems give or take a year. It always happens that way, it will be that way again. Plus, interest keeps dropping for PS3... God knows why, but it's not looking good for Sony's black box. P.S. MidwestKing, Naruto sucks man. How can you watch that crap?

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ps3 is going to have a very long lifespan its going to come out on top like alway like ps1 and 2 sony have good games coming and a 399$ ps3 is around the corner witch well sell alot ill say MS do have a almost good japen line up but i dont think it will sell 360 in japan and with ps2 and Wii still kicking a** in japan and soon ps3. 360 wont see light of day oo and congratulations Wii even if i dont hav one :)

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nice one nintendo.

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Wicked, go nintendo

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Then Haze, Killzone 2, MGS4, GT5, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Unreal Tournament + $399 PS3 comes out and who knows!!

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Then Halo 3 comes out and 360 comes out on top... then SSMB comes out and the Wii's on top... then Mass Effect comes out and 360's on top.... and it keeps on going.

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Wow about time Nintendo was number one well lets see how long it lasts I have a funny feeling Halo 3 will boost 360 sales but ya know I really don't care I have both systems and no I'm not buying a PS3 anytime soon too bloodly expensive

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That is good for Wii it really does appeal to a casual market and it is cheap what else do people want my girlfriend was going to buy one for me but I'm into hard core gamming so it would kind of be a waste. The Wii reminds me of an Ipod in some way it apeals to people becaue it looks good and everyone else has one or wants one. Plus it is great for kids and I don't have any little ones yet to really consider it at this time. I hope there games sales reflect there system sells at some point that would make it worth wild that would make the system very profitable and will push for more inovation in the gaming world. I love inovation. Oh well back to 360 and I will be seeing Halo in less than 7 days!!!! :)

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360 is bound to spike when Halo 3 drops. Sorry Sony :)

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dam casual gammers your destroying the world

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This happened with surprisingly little fanfair. I had half expected system wars to implode.

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And in other news ... dogs bark and cats meow...

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No surprises here: the Wii has wider appeal than traditional gaming consoles. It will take time to determine if it has staying power.

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Wii ftw !

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champagne anyone? oH yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa suck it mucrosoft

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Both platforms were far ahead of the PlayStation 3, which sold only around an estimated 3.7 million units internationally. HA! Just goes to show that graphics isn't everything. Props goes to Nintendo for being innovative. IMHO Playstation 3 has no games + expensive system = POO!

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With all the success of the Wii I still doubt that its supporters are as hard core gamers as the 360 and ps3 supporters are. My best friend is the biggest nintendo fanboy I've seen. However, once the games he likes come out he plays and beats them and then puts the console to the side until another cool one comes out. Another friend and myself who play 360 never get bored with all the games we have (online play being the key). Also, the Wii looks like garbage on my bigscreen HDTV. As more and more people buy hi def televisions the Wii will fall by the wayside no matter how many they sell because games still need to be sold to make a company successful. 480p doesn't cut the mustard. I'm not totaly against Nintendo however (I actually am glad they are beating Sony because sony has become a bloated company that has lost touch with the customers and Microsoft needs someone to continually push them to come up with new and innovative ideas which they have with the whole Live scheme). I bought the nes, snes, n64 consoles but when xbox came out they lost my support because Microsoft had created a superior product. I still think Nintendo has an excellent product however in the handheld market. I love my DS.

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I have a feeling that the PS3 might end up selling more than the Wii and the X360 because Sony consoles have really long lifespan.

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cool seems like nintendo, sony, and microsoft expected the console with the less price to sell more in the beginning, u can buy the console but what games are u gonna buy thats why PS3 and 360 have the bigger advantage, im jus waiting for Playstation 3 to make it real strike when it's history of real games rules the concole war. good job SEGA i wish they release DREAMCAST 2 now thats when real console wars would begin.

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everythingj: dreamcast sold 10 million in a period well over 2 years, once again, the ps3 has been out under 12 months worldwide, and only 6 months in Europe and as everyone keeps saying, doesn't suit everyones wallett...yet. It will be good when they bring out the rumoured 40gb more affordable ps3 at $399 (also ps2 at $99 apparently!).

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I love the Wii and 360 and can't wait for the PS3 to get some great games. But what will the whiners/haters say when Nintendo takes the boatloads of cash it's making this generation and uses it to make a Wii successor with Hi-Def/Hi-Tech EVERYTHING. What will be the hater's mantra then????? They won't be able to resort to the Loser's Limp of "dated hardware". I can't wait.....

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Who cares if the Nintendo Wii is Outselling the Xbox 360 and PS3 Combined it just means the Nintendo Wii is that More Mainstream and Cheap Cheap Cheap that Anyone can Afford it.>>> Anyone can afford it - but no one can FIND it.

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I still need to pick up a Wii but do love it to death, can't wait to get one. I do own a 360 and will pick up a PS3 also but always was and always will be a Nintendo guy at heart

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the ps3 has yet to outsell the dreamcast? that's sorry.

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I really like the wii, and the virtual console because not only does this system encourage less solitary videogame playing, it also appeals to the oldschool gamer that longs for all those long lost games. But while I am happy for the wii and its success I can still see that I long for a truly next-gen system like the xbox 360. There are so many great titles that are coming out for this system, i don't think it pays to be any kind of a wii fanboy this day in age. I also do not see that the ps3 is a failure yet, but I will say that it would be difficult to justify buying a more expensive ps3 over the xbox360 when it seems as if sony has lost a lot of their exclusive titles.

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good job nintendo! i think a gaming company should be in the leed. not a solfware company like microsoft or a media company like sony.

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To: snakenamedjoe I would buy the Wii but it's Not My style of Console. I don't care if the Nintendo Wii is Beating the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Sales Combined. Why Buy the Nintendo Wii when i don't want To and the Games On the Wii are not my Style?. Sales don't make a Console Successful the People Buying the Wii do.