Report: Square Enix working on PS3, Vista MMORPG

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka tells Japanese news site about game, keeps mum on specifics; says PSP Final Fantasy XI is possible--but unlikely.


Japanese news site Impress reports that Final Fantasy XI development team leaders let slip some tidbits on their next-gen plans. While talking up Treasures of Aht Urhgan--the game's latest expansion--FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka commented that his team is now working on a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Windows Vista and the PlayStation 3. He also shared his thoughts on porting games to new hardware, including bringing FFXI to the PS3 as well as the PlayStation Portable.

Tanaka didn't provide any details on his as-yet untitled game for Vista and the PS3, perhaps holding something back for a formal announcement at E3 in May. However, he did make some interesting comments about developing for the Xbox 360 versus the PlayStation 3.

The Xbox 360 operating system shares enough similarities with Windows, he said, so that porting the Windows version of FFXI to the 360 was a fairly quick task. A PS3 version of FFXI, on the other hand, would require redeveloping the game almost from scratch, a process that Tanaka estimated would take two or three years.

As a result, FFXI will emphatically not be a launch title for the PS3. In fact, Tanaka did not commit to bringing out FFXI for the PS3 at any time. He feels that the resources required to port the game to the PS3 might be better invested in a new game that's built from the ground up for next-gen hardware--but his team has yet to make a final decision one way or another.

Asked about FFXI on the PSP, Tanaka notes that although a fully playable version of the game is probably not realistic, he could envision enabling some functions--such as auctions and chat--for PSP users. However, his team has not had time to work on a handheld version of the game, and without evidence of overwhelming user demand, it seems unlikely that it will happen.

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Lol some people are thick, in this point in time there is NO FFXI on the ps3, never has been never will be.. if you can't read this was posted years ago, and now Square Enix is working on 4 Final Fantasy titles: 1. Final Fantasy XIII (ps3 + 360) 2. Final Fantasy XIII versus (ps3 + 360??) 3. Final Fantasy XIII ("Next gen mobiles" 4. Officially announced by the president of square enix, that they are currently working on another title.. it's yet to be announed, perhaps they're waiting until the release of FFXIII.. but all we know is it is definately a Final Fantasy :D

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I hope it has a story path or something new, and it has a version for the PS3, the GRAPHICS will be super cool

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definitely getting this for Xbox 360

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i dont undertsnad why they dont know about putting final fantasy on the ps3.

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I've played FFXI on PS3... just the PS2 verison. They said the 360 verison is more or less identical to PS2 verison so WHY would they waste their time?

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In reply to OlyRox005: Yes! You are clearly in the minority.

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Am I the only one who thinks that it might be smarter to release it on XP as opposed to Vista? No game is worth upgraing to Vista. (yet)

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Wouldn't it be nice if this were another Chrono game? I doubt it though. But it could probably work as an MMORPG title.

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Yeah there is no point in making a PS3 version when the PS2 version plays fine and there will be no improvements as said. I just hope this isn't something wicked awesome because I JUST quit FFXI after 4 years of play...I REALLY do not need another MMORPG to start up.

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eh. i'm just waiting for Warhammer Online.

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as long as the PS2 version is still supported there cant be any graphical improvemengts. SE said that themselves at one point

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Rikhan_z -- I was able to find FFXI for the PS2 on e-bay so I could play on the PS3. Seems to run just fine (you add a free download from Sony on-line to play ps2 games on the ps3), but the graphics are not PS3 quality. If you want super graphics go PC or 360. Hopefully they will recode for the PS3 and make the game HiDef, which would even blow away the 360 version.

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i want to play FFXI, I would like to play it on the PS3, I don't want to get a hard drive for my PS2.

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Xbox.... no matter how good and how better the games can look, or the cell, orthe processor, or your mama, SONY has the best games, the best licenses and you 360 nerds only worth game of that stupid inferior console is Dead Or Alive Extreme Volleyball 2 Lmao!

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Yeah, I have had the Japanese version of FFXI for PS2 installed on my PS3. It looked absolutely awful in 480p on my HDTV, now that it upscales to 1080p, the whole game looks better and looks comparable to the PC Version

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Don't know about the rest of you but I play FFXI on my PS3. There is a program in the Playstation Store that you download for free that lets you Play PS2 games that use the PS2 HDD. I had to download the game again onto my PS3 and it only took about half the time it took on the PS2. It looks great after setting the screen resolution. I just hope the new MMORPG will be free to play or I might have to drop FFXI to afford to play it.

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how strange is this.... sony/vista??? hell put it on 360 while your at it

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I understand some Japanese and this is not what the article stated at all. They said how Treasures of Aht Urghan development is taking three times longer than it should have been and they are very behind on releasing the rest of the content. Then they said this new MMO is for 360 as well as Vista and PS3. Followed by a knock on Sony for how hard developing on the PS3 is and how easy the 360/Vista versions are because of directx. They said no version of FFXI will be made for PS3 and the PSP version is a fan rumor. I attended the Square-Enix festival last year and they confirmed this video is loosely the new mmo: << LINK REMOVED >>

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FFXI was an odd game. I played it for awhile, and enjoyed it, then left ti for WOW, which I hit 70 got bored and dropped. I really hope a MMO comes out that is mindblowing awesome, and has moe appeal then getting max lvl and best gear, there needs to be something more alot more. I dotn really expect to see that come from this new FF MMO, but I hope something like that appears soon, everything in develoment now looks kinda lame, except huxley and project offset, but those arent really MMORPGs jsut MMOs.

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Final fantasy XI was developed for the PS2 and PC in japan first. The Ps2 version is the one that limits what every other version can do its the foundation of the game engine limitations. The PS3 could easily play a PS2 copy of FFXI without modifying it. The new game will be great, I hope it is just like Final fantasy XI but with better graphics, more races, classes, abilities, and better solo choices.

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Vengarok007 i agree that FF should stay within Nintendo and Sony but if you rad that again it states it was easy to port the PC version of FFXI to the 360 since MS used a similar OS (and that i agree with MS about dont was rescources constructing new OS just for your console just modify what you already got) and thats why its easier to take it to the 360 that to the PS3

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Oh, and another thing i would like to add. this is BS of wat SE is doing becuase for years since the first FF came out its been the best with NES and the PS. espcially FFIII and FFVII. and now ther moving to 360? i mean come on man. wat i think is that SE is getting really lazy on bringing there fans wat they want. and i want SE to keep FF exclusively on the NES and the PS. and y xbox? how is it more simple to make a FF game from PS2 to a whole different console (x-box). thats like admitting to us that PS2 is just like the 360 and that the PS3 is better than the 360 which is very true.

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I think this is awsome, i dont know y people r talking like its bad news but i think this is great. wat i think is that this could be a really good oppertunity for all owners of a pc or 360 or ps3 to be able to play a pobably filty mmo game together without having to buy require hardware to play it. u know wat i mean, for example like FF fans can now play FFXI not only on the pc or ps2 but they can now play it on the 360. nothings better than playing an online game with ur friends or with another country.

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I loved FF XI.It was way better then crap like WoW but,the fact that is was.....once again part of the Final Fantasy series was somewhat...i dunno,dissapointing ? I hope this is not FF XIV.

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oh by the way, to you who said SE should leave the title FF and make new games withe different titles because you are tired of "sequels": they do make games with other titles try SE website or google(it works) FF are not sequels, its a new RPG every time so play the games before you talk stuff you don't know, only FFX-2 is a sequel

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ok, First of all: why would SE make FFXI on the PS3? The game came out for the Ps2 and PC and now for the 360 to please the people who wanted them to make it with better graphics, they did good so back off guys. Another reason why they should'nt make it for the PS3 is because they have to remake the game again since the PS3 is on Blue ray. this new MMORPG looks like its going to be FFXIV, they just to gay to tell us or like to surprise us(it works for some reason). I dont want to play FFXI forever, i want a new FF online so that everyone can start all over and fix those mistakes from the first that couldnt be fix. so cheer up FFXII right around the corner and the we have FFXIII to drool about.

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Mistranslation?Or, do you falsify intentional? "A PS3 version of FFXI, on the other hand" ↓ New graphics engine version of FFXI. << LINK REMOVED >>

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This is Square Enix we're talking about. Now lets look at the history of Square Enix. FF 5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2,11,and 12 - all Sony. Now to say that Square Enix will suddenly drop Sony because it's more difficult? More difficult!? Square Enix is one of the best with dealing with challenges. Look at their game line-up! You had Advent Children recently, dirge of cerberus, crisis core, FFXII, Dragon Warrior 8, the news release of XIII (let's also look at this again...*cough*...Sony...) - what can't Square Enix do? To say that Square Enix's reign on Sony is over is way too drastic. I've seen a lot of Microsoft fans dissing Final Fantasy - ALOT... Microsoft is American based, which means people are most likely going to prefer their american brewed games more than the Japanese titles. If Squre leaves Sony with a (most likely monthly fee based game) to Microsoft, Square loses it's fan base, which means Square loses ALOT of money. This game is coming out for the PS3 - no doubt. Now FFXI on the PS3 - forget it. It's not worth the money, nor the time. It's been out for a long time now. Putting it on a better console won't make anybody stop playing WoW for this. Work on this next gen MMORPG. FFXI for the PSP. Now that would get more players, and once again *cough* ...Sony.... Maybe if someone found out how to make a 10 gig memory card... Well the money issue would come again. This idea could flow both ways, wouldn't hurt trying though. So final point on this, putting one game on the Xbox 360 doesn't mean that Square Enix has abadoned Sony. All it means is that Square was trying to get some easy money...

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everquest made a second edition with better graphics and what not-- it was a success, and no one even like EQ anymore, so i'm sure FFXI will have no problem..

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a proper MMORPG would b cool on the psp.

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GameSpot seems to proove that it does less and less research on news before posting a story. At the FFXI Fan Festival last March 06... they said the tech demo they showed at E3 05 was really in fact the new MMORPG they are working on for Windows Vista, PS3, and Xbox 360. This article leaves out those two key facts... pics and video have been out on this for over a year now. No one realizes it. How do I know that tech demo was it... the pics they shown ont he slide presentation during the Fan Festival when talking about this new mmo were pics of THAT tech demo. lol

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why you going to buy it in PS3 if you have it in PS2?

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well.....thats a tough act to folllow, but i think that square enix should mabye give the FF seris a break, im not saying i hate FF or anything (fanboys, sit back down) but mabye they should make a MMORPG in a different name. i love FF but theres like...what....20 or more of them.... and i think the PS3 will be a great spawning ground for more diverse titles by square enix. (and others, cause im tired of sequals)

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The benefits the ps3 offers don't match the complexitys of developing a game for the system.Btw the ps3 is more of a pc than the 360 is. The PS3 is using a standard videocard from Nvidia. Originally the ''Cell'' processor was supposed to do both gpu and the cpu jobs. Sony realized that wouldn't work so they hired Nvidia do make a card for the system. Nvidia didn't have time to creat a card from the ground up for the system so basically your getting a GeForce 7800GTX 512 mb videocard... except it has only 256 mb of video ram . the 360 is using one that was built from the ground up for the system. with a unified shader model and 10 extra mb of onboard ram for a graphics buffer... basically you get AA without any hit to the gpu.The ps3 videocard has about about 50 mhz faster but the 360's with it unified shader model and extra 10 mb onboard ram will surely push more polys and have way more shader ops. Almost double the shader ops of what the ps3 can do.....although this is all mere speculation till the actual console comes out. So im giving the best guess I can based on the information given. Then you have the processor.... The Cell is more powerful in some aspects. it has a almost a teraflop more power over the 360's but the 360 has more general purpose processing power. Almost 3 time as much. The cell can do more complicated Physics instructions but the 360's processors are built for things like AI. Also the memory bandwidth on the 360 is almost triple that of the ps3. both have their pro's and con's. I think SE has been looking at both systems and while it's a sure thing that the ps3 will have a bigger fanbase and more consoles sold world wide the development cost for the 360 will be alot lower.... not to mention that they can port games from the 360 to the pc and vise versa in months time when if they were to do that with the ps3 it would take a year or more. like another person said that SE has jumped ships once before when they left Nintendo and started developing for the PS. Im sure something like that will happen again sooner or later. Alot of people never thought that a SE game would be on a microsoft console but you already have one game and it looks like they are developing another. Most third party developers are going to have games on both the 360 and ps3 next go around. The development cost are way to high to limit their games to one console. All in all it looks good to me. More cross plateform games mean more fun for everybody. I just wish Kojima would port MGS4 over to the 360. But im not going to shell out another 500-600 bucks for a ps3 when i already have the next gen console of my choice....oh well I still have Splinter Cell... which does the stealth genre way better than MGS ever has. Im sorry for the long post sometimes i just start typing and i don't know when to quite.... which looks like i should have a few paragraphs ago. Anyway i don't think SE will completly abandon the ps3 any time soon

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**shrugs & Walks off**

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oh how i love fanboyism...then again, i'm one for sony.

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RuminaX - One of the companies has to eventually take the hardware to the next level instead of barely innovating on already existing stuff. Yes, because a Blu-ray drive and slightly more powerful processor is so much more innovative than the first HD system and the first system to use three-dimensional motion feedback.

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Forget final fantasy mmorpg and start working on final fantasy 13

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2kool4u - hopefully at E3... they said they have a large announcement and they know the fanbase is there. Konfusion - It's kinda hard for Square to look interested in the PS3 when it's still a half a year away and the 360 is already out. Besides that Square hasn't exactly "looked interested" in the 360 either. All they've done is port ffxi. Also to those saying Sony is dying because their hardware is difficult to develop for... are you nuts? One of the companies has to eventually take the hardware to the next level instead of barely innovating on already existing stuff. Besides that has eveyrone already forgotten how many developers have stated since E3 2005 how suprised they are at the ease of developing for the PS3 compared to the PS2.

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I'm almost sure that the psp audience would like an mmo in their psp's I know I would. I don't think we need all the features but the good ones like the ones mentioned will be needed, chat is easy as we can buy a headset for that.

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ffVii would be better than ffxi when will they learn

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If FFXIII is online, ill be pissed. seriously. no more online main series titles.

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Oh boy, 360 fanboys jumping all over the topic :roll:

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I'd probably play FFXI more if it were on a portable, since I am constantly on the go... Oh well...

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I don't think it's that easy to have FFXI backwards compatible on PS3. I think they will have just as much challenges as MSFT. Remember that the PS3 will use a Nvidia chip unlike their homebrew gfx chip in PS2. It would be cool if their new MMO was based on FFVII. That would be awesome. A completely new world is also welcome.

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Square does not seem interested in SONY's platform all that much, IMO. I guess the complexity it requires outshines the power it offers, making the Xbox 360 a far more appealing platform. There's one interesting bit of info in this story though, and it's the confirmation that porting a game from/to Xbox 360 and the PC is something easy to do. This will affect a lot of 3rd party games, not just Square and FF...

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why bother with squere mmorpg when i don't like mmorpg and play rpg on ps3 and revo, mmorpg nerds.

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Oh my another hit on the PS3. And from one of sony's biggest developers. ALL HAIL THE 360!!!

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The Ps3 is really becoming something of a cumbersome deal. I dont forsee myself killing anyone for it, nothing too special if you ask me. If developers can program something for the PC than translate it over to the 360 than I dont see anything special waiting 3 years for a game thats well done on the sony money machine aka "PS3".

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I could care less about FFXI on PS3.