Report: Spore planted on Wii

Will Wright reveals that EA's epic-scale life-simulator headed to Nintendo's console, says it's the "only next-gen system."


Between creating a unique species and then evolving it over the course of countless millennia to the point of intergalactic colonization, Will Wright's Spore for the PC is the very definition of epic. More than a few mouths were rendered agape, then, when a handheld version of the game was revealed through a job listing in February 2006, which EA confirmed to be a Nintendo DS iteration a year later.

With a DS version of Spore establishing that the game is scalable, it should come as no shock that EA is also prepping a version of the game for Nintendo's console, the Wii. In town to be inducted into the BAFTA Fellowship, Wright revealed to UK news publication The Guardian that a Wii version was under way.

"We're doing Spore on the Wii," Wright stated seemingly off the cuff. Wright didn't elaborate on further plans for the Wii version, nor whether it would accompany the PC version slated for Q2 2008. EA had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Wright's preference for Nintendo's platforms comes as no shock, considering how he sizes up the next-gen console race. Prompting the off-the-script comment, Wright said that Nintendo's "new-gen" console is the only real next-gen console. "The only next gen system I've seen is the Wii--the PS3 and the Xbox 360 feel like better versions of the last, but pretty much the same game with incremental improvement," the openly opinionated designer said.

"The Wii feels like a major jump--not that the graphics are more powerful, but that it hits a completely different demographic," he continued. "In some sense I see the Wii as the most significant thing that's happened, at least on the console side, in quite a while."

Spore is currently slated to hit PCs next year. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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