Report: Samsung making VR headset, plans to beat Oculus and Sony to market

Sources say tech giant behind Galaxy phones will announce the device this year and it'll be less expensive than Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus.

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The mobile division of technology giant Samsung is working on a virtual reality device that will be announced this year, sources with knowledge of the matter told technology blog Engadget, which also recently revealed the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

The tipsters said that unnamed developers already have prototype versions of the headset, which are reportedly powered by Galaxy devices. The final consumer model, on the other hand, is believed to run on a next-generation Galaxy smartphone and/or tablet.

Samsung's rumored virtual reality device is said to mirror the Oculus Rift or Sony's Project Morpheus in form factor. It's believed to have an OLED screen that is as good or better than the latest Oculus Rift development kit. What's unclear, however, is how the headset will sync up with your phone or tablet, and if it will require a separate camera to track depth, as both the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus do.

According to the Engadget report, Samsung is not only aiming to beat the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus headsets to market, but also to sell their device for less than the competition. What's the purpose of Samsung's virtual reality device? According to Engadget's sources, it's being made to support Android games, though a list of titles is not available.

Samsung said: "Samsung doesn't comment on rumor and speculation."

It's worth noting that Oculus Rift for almost a year now has been talking about its ambition to bring virtual reality support to mobile devices, though it remains unclear how this will work. Facebook purchased Oculus VR, maker of Oculus Rift, earlier this year for $2 billion.

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Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, the thing with Sony and Occulus, I have faith in them to turn none-believers into believers, but Samsung? Its not so much that I think the headset itself will be bad, its just what its used for(phones) that may turn people off.

If this is somebodies first experience with VR, on this Samsung headset, and its no good, it could prevent VR from catching on.

Maybe I'm paranoid... but who the hell wants to put on a big head set to use their phone? Its unnecessary.

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Selling it cheaper is one good thing, but they have to do more than just release it before their rivals. VR is such a thing that it's best man wins, not fastest to the finishing line. People have been disappointed before by VR and won't get something that's inferior to other VR devices.

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Now Zenimax can try to sue Samsung while claiming they invented and own VR.

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VR is just a stepping stone to reach holograms.

It goes 3D - VR - Holo. All advancements in these technologies relate to each other. 3D is close to perfection, cept wearing those stupid glasses. VR is close to perfection, except wearing those stupid headsets. Holograms will be the game changer. All that needs to happen is for inventors to develop the technology in a cost efficient/profitable manner.

I want those monitors from Iron Man already!

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Samsung Is pretty much top of the line... TVS, Smart phones, blue ray players, Refrigerators, washers/dryers, microwaves. ... ect.

And yes, people will argue Apple is best in phones and screens... just remember. .. Samsung makes the processors and screens in every iPhone made... soo...

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this is:)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> LOL I'll never forget my Samsung plasma TV that began having momentary power failures every ten minutes, after I'd had it only a week. It turned out to be a known defect, about which they lied when I called. That was the last Samsung product I ever buy.

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Don't know if I'll ever own a VR headset but I've had a pretty good experience with Samsung hardware. Should be interesting.

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Samsung? Shit just got real...

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I would hold out on buying a Samsung VR headset. Because they will release a Samsung Galaxy VR headset six months later.

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Looks like VR is the next big thing.

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Nobody can predict the future, but having used the Rift myself I think that VR is going to be big part of the future of gaming and many other applications as well. In fact, everybody in my group of friends and family that has tried it feels the same way.

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Just what I was looking for ... more VR crap ! Great !

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Wish the consumer Oculus would come out already...

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This is too juicy... I can't wait for VR from other companies now that oculus rift has disappointed the hell out of me. Competition should be nice as well, from a consumer perspective this means lower prices in general!

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were is my halo deck captian

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I'd actually like a comfortable affordable HD headset thats $50-$100 can plug into a tablet so I can play games or watch movies on a 50" + screen without interuptions. could use it laying in bed watching a movie while my wife sleeps or at work playing games on my break.

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Let the copyright infringement lawsuits begin!

Samsung sux.

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Now it looks like the only thing left for Samsung to make is a gaming console

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<< LINK REMOVED >> AR, VR hotspots. Where your phone is just the controller and everyone at the bar, coffee shop can put on there AR glasses and watch a fight that rips the roof off.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Interesting... *talks to R&D*

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When I see people in stores trying out VR headsets, I intend to rob them, pick their pocket while they are completely blind to anything going on around them.

Not really. But I do think this could become a potential problem people are going to have to think about. Having your eyes and ears covered in public is going to leave you very vulnerable. Someone could kidnap your children without you noticing, or as I said, rob you. I expect to see it happen and published on gaming news sites like this.

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Samsung is just being cocky now. Haven't they embarrassed their Japanese rivals enough already? Give Sony a break, they sold their Vaio brand already.

Plus does anyone really buy Sony tablets or phones?

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If Samsung are developing a headset to support Android games then does it really matter if they release theirs first and for less than a price that doesn't exist? It's like Nissan releasing a cheap new hatchback before Ferrari releases their latest super car; yes they're both cars but they're both for two different purposes. In that case there's no competition.

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@PlatinumPaladin I don't think it will be for android. Developing a VR game is going to be expensive, well beyond the budget of indie mobile games.

It's likely going to be a platform for development like the Rift. You have to make games specifically for it. Or it will be used as a peripheral for PC.

I have doubts it will take off to be honest. It sounds too expensive to be viable. If it was $200 and it did its own processing, without needing ot be hooked up to a PC or console, and a lot of developers got on board, then yes, it could be the next Wii. There's no way I see that happening.

Where I can see it succeeding is in the porn industry. VR Sex will sell. But I don't know if you'll be able to buy the games at your local Gamestop...

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@PlatinumPaladin i think it would still sell though they are good at advertising

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Oh, I'm not saying it won't sell, only that Samsung are making theirs for a different market.

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less expensive than Oculus OK I might get that even though Oculus is in beta versions. Less expensive that Morpheus? It is not even in the market yet.

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Samsung's VR headset might not be in the same league as Sony's or even Oculus, but it will help bring the price down. This year is getting more and more exciting.

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Yeah, I really need a VR helmet for Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

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it's just another cash grabber and That was Bound to happen

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It simple...VR is the future of gaming was bound to happen

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@Gravity_Slave and DoomglooM _ keep rolling your eyes and get off the sarcasm when future of VR surface right before it ..then we shall who was making sense of it lmao

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<< LINK REMOVED >> huh? I think you're drunk off this stuff and obviously a light weight lol

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't think we'll be seeing it in our lifetimes though....the future is a very broad is gaming for that matter lol

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So are laser guns and jet packs in real life.

*rolls eyes*

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Keep rolling ur eyes and u will see the future right before it lol

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<< LINK REMOVED >> oh and time travel and people living on the sun and well ya know future stuff!

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I don't think it's going to be easy for them. It takes more than just making hardware. Like a console, you need software support. Sony at least has their own studios to make content if no one else will invest in it. Occulus has facebook backing it and unlimited resources. Samsung has never been a gaming brand.

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Neither has facebook been a gaming brand.. More softwares will keep coming, not everyone who wants VR wants gaming, there are plenty of applications which samsung might introduce, take forexample VRCinema in mobile phones, that has a very large audience than you can imagine, they could make a software like that and add up features like Netflix, youtube, HuluPlus, and soon people will start shooting in full VR, more cameras keep coming, hence more content.. Thats far enough to get millions of people into VR and even the existing phones can handle that no need for a PC with highend GPUs to play say 1080p or 1440p movie..

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Facebook actually has some of the most popular games out there. Farmville is the most obvious example. But that's not what I meant. This company has clout. They've got a lot of cash and they're willing to spend it. They can buy studios or pay studios handsomely to make content for it. They also have other uses facebook related that the Rift could be used for.

Samsung is an electronics giant. It doesn't have game studios, and it's never been their MO to pay money for them because they're not in the gaming industry. You can put movie content on VR, but I'm not sure what the appeal is. Unless you can control the movie, which sounds very expensive and impractical, all you're doing is watching a movie with the "screen" much closer to your eyes. What separates a game in VR from watching a movie is that a game is interactive. You are actually in the world and can move around and interact with things. In a movie you're just an observer. No one else notices you.

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Call me crazy, but I don't trust these VR headsets for gaming. For other stuff? Fine. But not for gaming. Why?

Games from DAY ONE have said that you need to take breaks after playing for 30 minutes to hour. Nobody listens to that. They play for HOURS and HOURS these days. If just IF this virtual reality things becomes a big hit and everyone uses it, what happens if they use it for hours and hours? People can get sick. It's just like staring at a television screen up close for hours. And what happens when you look too close to a TV?

I don't like the idea of that.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Day one is exactly the point, it was the earliest form of the technology. Getting sick was/is due to pixel persistence, the transition time it takes for the pixels to change was too large. This has already been pretty massively addressed by the low-persistence displays being used.