Report: Radical working on Spider-Man

<i>Variety</i> says Prototype studio will follow open-world action game with webslinging superhero series; High Moon to make non-movie Transformers title.


Radical Entertainment is finishing up its open-world action game Prototype for a June 9 release, but the developer is doubtlessly looking forward to its next projects as well. In addition to a potential Prototype sequel, Variety is citing "several sources" in reporting today that Radical parent company Activision has the studio working on a new game in the Spider-Man franchise.

A Radical Spider-Man game might look a lot like Prototype. But with more webs. And less blood.
A Radical Spider-Man game might look a lot like Prototype. But with more webs. And less blood.

If Radical has been assigned to Marvel's webheaded wonder, it would see the studio come full circle in a way. Radical's current project, Prototype, has drawn comparisons to its previous open-world action game, 2005's highly regarded The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. That game in turn bore more than a passing resemblance to Activision's 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie game.

The Variety article also mentions Radical's fellow Activision subsidiary, High Moon Studios. Having yet to create a game for its new parent compnay, the former Vivendi outfit has only two titles to its credit: the vampire-Western shooter Darkwatch and the James Bond rival Bourne Conspiracy. With Treyarch already handling the Bond series for Activision, Variety indicates that High Moon has been tasked with the Transformers franchise.

However, High Moon's first project for the giant robots won't be this summer's movie tie-in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. That game is deep in development at Luxoflux, meaning High Moon would be working on a Transformers title for next year or later and, according to the trade magazine, one not tied directly to a major film release.

While High Moon and Radical were kept by Activision after the Vivendi merger, they were not left untouched. Last year both studios reportedly underwent significant layoffs.

As of press time, an Activision representative had not returned GameSpot's requests for comment.

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Avatar image for addictedtochaos

as long as the web swinging and combat are like web of shadows then i doubt i'll have anything to complain about. web of shadows is the first game to really capture spider-man especially in terms of combat.

Avatar image for DeadManRollin

Spiderman Web of Shadows was a good game, albeit not a great one. I hope the new one gets better.

Avatar image for eno_666

maybe it'll finally be another good spider-man game

Avatar image for CorporalKane

@akram112: Let us play as others (Venom, Goblin etc.)

Avatar image for Floymin

Activision was merciful in releasing all Spiderman PC games in the original console format after disappointing us with a kiddie version of Spiderman 2. I hope they continue their recent trend and not backpedal to KiddieLand.

Avatar image for shatiek20

I No for a fact that if they do make another spider-man game it's not going to have anything new, web of shadows was rediculously good and it had all his elements. prototype is unlimited in a way haha he can do it better than spider-man! oh by the way this game allready freakin ROCKS!!!!!

Avatar image for rumahirfan

spider man 2 the game is cooler than 3 for me i hope they don't name the new ps to come the ps4 it sounds weird

Avatar image for gamepro55

its not spider-man spider-man dont have cool powers like this guy does spider-man only can web and punch and stick to walls this is way cooler

Avatar image for starduke

Hmm, another Spider-man game. I hope it's good!

Avatar image for akram112

Alrite how many you guys agree with me? The following is what a winning Spider-man game needs: * A long and nice comic book story beginning from his origins and including fan fav comics such as secret wars etc. * Atleast 10 bosses including Venom, Sinister Six and Goblin cos spidey's villain gallery is one of the best. * Cutting edge graphics in both cutscenes and gameplay * Amazing combo system fighting and webswinging mechanics (they should include everything web of shadows offered us) * A decision system where your choice affects the path (in a better way than wos) * Open world gameplay with a large and interactive city to explore with plenty of meaningful and fun side missions. Anything else to add guys?

Avatar image for GatCloudX

at 1:45 you see spiderman webslinging

Avatar image for RYPER

If you pause at 1:03, you will see spider-man (look at the way he jumps)

Avatar image for megamaster32

spiderman awesome this game looks really wicked cant wait

Avatar image for gohoanq

Hell yea, if it's a Spider man game then it's as good as in my hands already Since he is and has always been my favorite Super hero. I hope it ends up being a very good game worthy of being called a Spider man game.

Avatar image for Alex_09

It reminded me of spiderman, oddly enough...

Avatar image for jcopp72

spider-man is my favorite comic character, i hope this turns out to be a great game

Avatar image for sonynhater

spider man FTW!

Avatar image for PESWonderkid

Spider-man:Web of shadows had to be one of my favorite games,it was amazing!,i hope this new spiderman is sort of like a sequel to it cuz i loved it!,i dont lyk this new character in this new game,bring back the real spiderman!

Avatar image for lstprpht890

i love Spider-Man, but if this new game is anything like web of shadows...well i'm gonna be disappointed

Avatar image for metalmasterW

yay...:) spiderman is cool...

Avatar image for lowkey254

All good news to me.

Avatar image for Yojimbo25

Good it looks we will finally get a great Spiderman game, like we had last gen.

Avatar image for Hvac0120

Spiderman 2 was so close to being the perfect Spiderman game. They really messed things up with Spiderman 3 (although they added some neat ideas). I hope Radical can perfect the game with their installment. I'm getting sick of all the potential that gets lost.

Avatar image for Azwethinkweiz89

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was a under-rated game IMO. If Prototype does become a success I will be looking forward to see what they can do with Spider-Man.

Avatar image for Um_Wut

gonna be betta than infamous

Avatar image for hannify

well i like spiderman. 80/90's cartoon series was the best

Avatar image for Deathrebellion

pull out a gud spidey i mean (not variety) lol

Avatar image for Deathrebellion

and also Superheroes games r getting alot of hype lately havta wait for Arkham Asylum and Origins to find out if it'll live upto its own hype

Avatar image for Deathrebellion

prototype seems awesome as ever and Darkwatch is a prety gud game frm wat i've heard so High Moon Studios has gr8 chances to pull out Variety

Avatar image for fhf22

the last decent spiderman game (in my opinion) was Spiderman - Enter the Electro on the PS1. That had quite a decent plythrough and good story mode..(although i was only 6 then :)) Can't wait for [PROTOTYPE] but I fear it will not live up to the hype!

Avatar image for retospectre

spidotype (is it sad to 'thumbs up' yourself)

Avatar image for konradak

I just watched that vid here on this page for Prototype. Wow, it looks like it could be fun!

Avatar image for razzack9

A spiderman game like prototype would be awesome!

Avatar image for pakhair

Didn't saw a good spider man game in years, I think he deserves one

Avatar image for SNOOP_CAT

Prototype improves Spiderman

Avatar image for beekayjay

Smart move. Prototype is an excellent showcase for what Radical can do, and it may just carve out a nice little niche for them genre wise. On the condition that Prototype is a success, they may be given an even larger budget to handle licensed properties like Spidey, and hopefully pour on greater production values, which I'm afraid seem missing even from an exciting property like Prototype. The game LOOKS budget, but seems to play quite well.

Avatar image for RavenXavier

If they do half a good as job on Spidey as they did with Prototype it'll be the best Spider-Man game out to date. You can bet on that fellow web heads.

Avatar image for Pr3acher

all spiderman posters: it's aaall about prototype now, and what I saw in the trailer made my mouth drop.

Avatar image for ele975

If the prototype works, this is a dream come true! :D If not, they can redeem themselves with Spider-man! :D God help them if they mess up Spider-man (not threadning them)

Avatar image for gypsygib

If Prototype is good then I'll be very interested in their Spider Man game....cause I love good Spider Man game(?)...Spider Man 2 on PS2.

Avatar image for Charization

Loved Spidey Web of Shadows. Not as good as Neversofts first game on the PS1 though, but still awesome. Prototype looks good - I think Radicals perfect for the job.

Avatar image for ShockG707

Not a fan of spideyman, Hulk yes. They should do a follow up to Hulk UD.

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

Seems like the best people for the job.

Avatar image for gussepelopez

Another Spiderman game, wow, looks like marvel's best is going to fail what is this his 15th game?

Avatar image for RatchetV1

this is almost exactly like Ultimate Destruction just with a different dude and its next gen... sweet.

Avatar image for phatmaster2k5

I'm finally playing through Spidey: Web of Shadows at the moment, and while it's not a bad game, there are some definite flaws that a team like Radical could definitely improve on. Looking forward to seeing what they can do. I still find Hulk: Ultimate Destruction to the best superhero game ever made.

Avatar image for Kratos4

From the looks of Prototype, looks like the next spider-man game is in good hands.

Avatar image for mylsd

I like to dream of a Transformers generation 1 game being developed by High Moon, I've been waiting for a real Transformers game since 1986

Avatar image for Lampooninating

@ Thatsmypunk: You mean like Superman 64? ;)

Avatar image for chilipepperman


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