Report: Nvidia GPUs to be in next-gen iPods

American Technology Research changes rating on graphics chipmaker's stock on belief its technology will be part of forthcoming crop of media handhelds.


In late May, a Silicon Valley recruiter told GameSpot that it looked like Apple was forming a secret games division. According to the source, former LucasArts technical director Mike Lampell is heading up a group inside the storied iTunes division, and hiring for "C/C++ coders with a 'gaming background.'"

Today, further evidence surfaced that indicates a future version of Apple's ubiquitous iPod player will have gaming functionality. The news came when industry-research firm American Technology Research raised its rating of graphics chipmaker Nvidia from "hold" to "buy."

The reason?

"Based on our analysis, we believe Nvidia is designed into the next-generation video iPod socket at the expense of Broadcom," ATR analyst Satya Chillara told the EE Times, referring to the maker of the graphics processing unit (GPU) in current-generation video ipods. "We believe the Nvidia chip adds 3D graphics functionality in addition to all of the existing features that Broadcom supported with the existing vPod [video iPod]."

Besides the existing video playback, a 3D Nvidia GPU has one other obvious application--gaming. However, it must be emphasized that Apple has not officially announced any iPod with anything more than the rudimentary games on current-generation iPods. Requests for comment on the use of Nvidia chips in iPods had gone unanswered as of press time.

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lets hope nintendo and apple do a deal... iBoy Advanced... iPod Advanced... hmmm... the first one...

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How soon we all forget the nGage......................

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if they make a solid product, bring it on. hopefully they don't spread the ipod too thin though.

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OK, so here is my theory: Nintendo and Apple are collaborating on the next Gameboy. It will feature both the Gameboy and iPod brand (The gamePod perhaps?) and will be designed to directly compete with the PSP by not only having the ability to play games, but also the ability to play music movies etc. Let the rumors begin...

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OMG people need to stop the apple rumor mill its getting really really really old every time theres a meeting some one says something crazy like this now JUST STOP

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I could see an "iGame" or whatever actually do really well. Seeing how the iPod has such a huge marketshare. It's apple so whatever they are doing, be it a game device or better video support for ipod, I'm sure it will be pretty cool.

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Ipod becoming Psp??

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'ipod >> than psp media ipod>> ds media' Who want a handheld gaming platform than needs a computer to put the game on it, and if the game run off a harddrive it would have some sort of activation to stop copying. removable media much better for games than a hdd.

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I might hav to get one of these if it has 3d tech

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Stop making everything-in-one devices!

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they alwasy have to make it better after i buy one

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Apple will enter the gaming market it is a given. With all the money Nintendo and Sony is making with their hand held game systems. Apple can't ignore the money they would be making if they had a gaming iPod. The only question is when will Apple release a Gaming iPod?

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i bet it will cost more than an xbox 360 , and have graphics worse than a psp, but since so many people are hypnotised by the whole ipod craze im betting their will be lots of buyers anyway

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Sounds good to me

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This is the best news I've heard in months... especially since I've got a heck of a lot of money in Nvidia stock!

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Sounds good, but you do realize what will happen here... Plastaion already said, they will make downloadable games, if apple made a games machine, it will be purely downloadable games, firing right into playstations path. Games should work out cheaper. But sounds good.

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iPod > PSP Media iPod > DS Media You don't have to be a poser to have it, just enjoy the technology. If anything, people I know got it because I have it :-)

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Comment>>>! tequilasunriser ! "iTunes is easy to use and the the program alone is worth an iPod purchase". What planet are you living on iTunes is one of the worst programs. I have an iPod the only reason i got it was that it was cheap £155 for 60gig. I have to say my old 20gig WEWA was alot better with alot less restrictions, anyone with an iPod i recomend getting a copy of RedChair softwares "Anapod manager" its alot better than itunes. But games on your iPod... wonder how you will control them.. could be intersting.

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There is a reason "everyone" has an Ipod...because its the best at what it does. yAre ou guys afraid someone will call you a poser or something? I have an iPod shuffle and I cant immagine jogging, biking, and working out with out it, a bulky DS or PSP wouldn't stand a chance on a 6 mile run. iTunes is easy to use and the the program alone is worth an iPod purchase. If you strive be be so different from everone else you might as well cut some fingers and limbs off, change your name, move to a country that doesn't speak English, and marry a goat.

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"I always wanted to be the one person in the world who doesn't own an Ipod. I will continue that road, no matter what they come out with." Ha ha, you too! I still don't own a Ipod, now I use my DS-lite with media player to play my mp3s and videos. Now when people see me with a white headphone on, they always ask "which version of the Ipod is that?" I just say not a Ipod, it's a DS.

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I always wanted to be the one person in the world who doesn't own an Ipod. I will continue that road, no matter what they come out with.

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wack. to me portable music=cool. portable gaming=weak. screen too small. graphics lacking. sound lacking. controls lacking. battery life lacking. more of a chore than anything. they say it leads to cross-eyedness disease. i'd rather read Charlotte's Web on my way to work. more entertaining IMO, but don't mind me. enjoy yaself.

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"Man I hate iPods. They seem to come up with newer versions every day." Right. The video iPod was released in late 2004. It's now mid-2006. Slightly longer than a day. Also, what's wrong with releasing an improved version of the product, especially over 1.5 years after releasing the latest version? Sounds like some anti-Apple/iPod fanboys are coming out of the woodwork.

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Hmm... I reckon if Apple make the next ipod a very casual gaming system, they could be on to something. I dont think for a minute they can steal Nintendo's handheld thunder (though history is full of crazy turnarounds!) but as the Nintendo DS has proved, there is a market (and quite a large one) for casual non games. So if Apple were to get some third parties to do simple games, puzzle games, games that you can play for a few minutes then put down when youre on the bus, that you can get cheaply and easily off iTunes, it could be mint. I think id buy into that. But we'll see..

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Ill stick to PSP, PC, PS2/PS3 for my gaming needs thank you very much and Nintendo/MS when available to me

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If so I'm so getting one when it comes :P

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sounds good

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They need to make game podcasts where you can play a different demo every week. Games will probably cost $4.99. I'm still waiting for real movies to put on my ipod, but they won't because the battery sucks. PSP has 6 hour battery can't hold a movie. iPod has 2 hour battery can hold several movies. iPod + PSP = iPSP which totally kicks @$$

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G-Pod, comes in 5 different colors, P. Diddy signed on as official spokesperson. Release date undetermined, analysts predict MSRP at 299$ with a 399$ premium version that hires someone to update it for you automatically.

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NVIDIA the way it's meant to be played!

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Get the DS, the software is better. My PSP makes a great paperweight right now, that's why I'm selling it.

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I can see some gaming on an ipod if they make the middle button touch sensitive while playing games so that you have a pad like a laptop while still having that button to click to play music. But really, I want a better battery life, Shows via iTunes+iPod with battery life longer than 4 hours(currently is under 3)=Great

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This is a smart move by Nvidia... You tap into the mp3 player business with the one company that basically owns that industry right now... lol is clever. That doesn't mean Ipod will be good or anything but you know what? People will still buy it. Just because you didn't buy it for the trendiness of the player alot of people have been, what do you think went through the parents head when they bought little timmy or suzy their Mp3 player during christmas? I'm pretty freaking sure they bought it because they've seen other young people have that device! So lets define "trend" shall we? trend n. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion. Listen.. people DO buy it for trendiness and most of the functionalities the ipoders have been talking about other mp3 players can do sometimes even better.... I believe you CAN sync other mp3 players to podcasts and etc.... When you look at battery life? Ipod usually averages around 12 hours while sony players can go up to 40s or even 90 hour marks. Creative's player ( which I currently own) can at least go up to 14 hours music playback and 4.5 hours video playerback. And I've gotten my hands on Ipods before and I must say they are impressive but I think there are just better players out there at the moment. GOOOD LUCK Apple on your next gen Ipod.. Smarten up. Btw there is this nice article someone wrote up a couple of years ago about what's wrong with the ipod and why Apple will never get it. He pointed out how the macs became what it is today. (Hey.. i'm not hearing that everyone has one in their house do I?) It is because Apple always innovate but never fixes it's past problems.. and such. So guys? Don't look for them to fix this battery problem.

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I'd rather get a PSP or DS if I want a hand-held.....

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One thing i love about the zen micro, that -- as far as i can see-- apple doesnt have is its unparaleled windows media player compatability... All i have to do is plug the bastard into my pc and press the sync button at the top of win media and all my songs match up w/ in a minuit or two secondly that blue glow is ruckin' fockin'! :P On the note of the article, which im fully aware should have been the first part of this post: I hope the next gen IPOD has decent gaming functionality, just for competitions sake. Big biz competition = price drops and better support for me

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I just did a little check up on the Creative Zern Vision and it seems to be that it owns the current gen iPod in are its features: This one's both smaller and lighter than the Zen PMC, and has a CompactFlash memory card slot, a 640 x 480 pixel, 3.7-inch LCD screen, built-in FM tuner, and support for playback of MP3, WMA, and WAV audio files and MPEG4, WMV, DivX, and XviD video files. It's 30gb so same as the 30gb ipod. I know for sure that current gen ipods do not even compare with this in terms of support for the wide range of formats, built-in FM tuner.

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Dont care,Just give me the Xbox portable already!!!

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I bought my first iPod went they were not hugely popular... there was literly no competition. There were maybe 4-5 other Hard drive based players that were all 3-4 times the size with clunky interface. It broke after 3 years and I got it replaced by a warranty. Was replaced with the new 30 gig Ipod Video. I could have replaced it with another model..but i chose iPod.. its very smal sleek interface...I sync it everyday with PodCasts and Video Pod Casts from G4 Tech TV and the news and other very interesting stuff that I watch on my way to work.. Do you need man it kicks @ss On top of it it syncs my whole Photo Library. I'm sorry but the ipod blows the zen out of the water in functinality I'm sure the Zen is a perfectly good player too. But for those who say people who buy iPods just to be trendy and cool are just lying to themselves that the iPod is the best player out there.... Once a better one is actually on the market... I'll revise my options and make my choice from there P.S I have a PSP too...and its a horrible mp3 player. Its bulky, I can fit a whole 512 megs of music on my mem card which i bought for 100 bucks at the time. You can only place files 1 or 2 levels of subfolders... its not an mp3 player...its a gaming machine..and THAT is what I use it for

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A WiFi connection where you can stream music from any iTunes library with permissions like with the Xbox 360 or to listen to internet radio would be a much more desired function than putting in 3D menus just for the sake of having them. If you're going to jack up the price, at least make it for practical things. IgnatiusX: "Get a hundred or less that you like, and stick with them, you won't get bored, and if you do, go find other ways to entertain yourself, like kick the can. No one needs a billion songs for every occasion." Lucky you aren't the collective voice of the MP3 consumer. Even if you were, you'd still get a :roll: from me.

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Sounds neat. It won't topple Nintendo in the handheld games market, but a 3D menu would be nice.

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Man I hate iPods. They seem to come up with newer versions every day. I mean what's the point? Produce one product and stick to it. You don't see Sony coming up with different versions of the PSP now do you (except the ceramic white version).

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Apple are just taking back the market they lost to the PSP, since people can play MP3s on that.

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Wow, iPod seriously wants to fight Agro.

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If the iPod goes to the gaming business, it needs to be better than the crappy gizmondo and the N-gage from Nokia.

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"BUY A CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M ITS WAY BETTER THAN AN IPOD" I get a laugh out of these guys who can't afford iPods. NO IT IS NOT. I would give up gaming forever before I would give up my iPod Nano.

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I'm still never getting an ipod. I would much rather have a real mp3 player. My friend has something different that is older than an ipod and much better and holds more too. Oddly enough it was cheaper than an ipod too. Don't remember what it was. I'll get one eventually, but adding games to an ipod won't mean much. I would rather get a real handheld for games, but I can't afford one of those either.

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IPOD is a status symbol is the vein of Hummers and Gucci loafers. Although it is a sleek product, I have stuck with Creative over the years, as I feel that they offer a superior product line for a better price. Moreover, I enjoy that Creative players act as a harddrive when connected whereas you are FORCED to use Itunes for the Ipod, (unless you have 3rd party software). If Apple intends to transform the Ipod into a gaming device, I am not sure if they will do that well. Hybrid devices tend to flame out quickly (Ngage, Tapwave, *cough* PSP), especially if Apple sells it for a ludicrous amount, (which they will). As the cliche goes, only time will tell...

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ipods wont have gaming capability, apple arent stupid. wether apple begin to develop games for major consoles and maybe macs is another matter...

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If the did get into gaming it would not be a bad idea, look at all the customers they have. Why not give it a shot.