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Report: New Flappy Bird clone hits App Store every 24 minutes

Rip-offs continue to flood Apple's marketplace a month after game was pulled down.

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Flappy Bird may be gone, but it's certainly not forgotten. A new report from Pocket Gamer has found that 60 new Flappy Bird clones were added to Apple's App Store February 28-March 3. That breaks down to 2.5 new clones per hour or one every 24 minutes.

To qualify as a Flappy Bird clone, games needed to have players guiding characters through a course of pipes (or pipe-like objects) hanging from the ceiling or emerging from the ground.

Some notable Flappy Bird clones have included Fall Out Bird (based on the band Fall Out Boy) and Flappy Bert, which was inspired by the beloved Sesame Street character. The original Flappy Bird saw more than 50 million downloads before created Dong Nguyen pulled the game down in early February, saying the game was "too addictive."

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