Report: Microsoft bringing Windows to robots, talking bears, and coffee mugs

New website "Windows on Devices" briefly launches before being pulled down; full announcement could happen today during Build conference.

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It seems Microsoft has major--and surprising--plans for its Windows operating system. A new website called Windows on Devices briefly appeared last night, revealing that Microsoft is "bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices."

Microsoft has since pulled the site down, redirecting you to a blank Windows Azure page. According to WhoIs records, Microsoft purchased the website on March 26 this year.

The Verge was able to capture some information from the Windows on Devices website before it disappeared, noting that Microsoft plans to bring a version of Windows to things like a "smart coffee mug," a talking bear, and robots.

The site also reportedly stated that Microsoft plans to demonstrate a life-sized piano presumably running on Windows today during its keynote address at the developer-minded Build conference in San Francisco. Microsoft's keynote address today at Build starts at 11:30 a.m. EDT.

The Verge notes that it's possible "Windows on Devices" is the name of Microsoft's operating system for its rumored line of smartwatches and Google Glass-like eyewear. Last month, Google announced Android Wear, its own OS designed for smartwatches.

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