Report: Full Auto studio out of gas

Pseudo Interactive added to growing list of developer casualties as Toronto-based studio reportedly shuts down.


It's been a rough year for independent developers, as Perpetual Entertainment, Iron Lore Entertainment, Stormfront Studios, and Castaway Entertainment have all gone under or suspended operations since January. Another name appears to belong on that list, as 1Up has reported that Toronto-based Pseudo Interactive has also been forced to close.

With more than a decade of development, Pseudo Interactive created an abundance of automotive anarchy, initially with versions of the vehicular combat game Cel Damage for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. However, the company is best known for its current-generation work, the Xbox 360 combat racer Full Auto and its PlayStation 3 follow-up, Full Auto 2: Battlelines. (The PlayStation Portable version of Battlelines was developed by Vancouver, British Columbia-based Deep Fried Entertainment.)

According to the article, Pseudo Interactive found itself in dire straits and had to lay off much of its 50-person staff after Eidos canned a game the studio had been working on. Presumably it was one of the 14 recently cancelled projects the publisher said were "unlikely to generate an acceptable return on investment or are not of appropriate quality."

Unfortunately, the report doesn't give a source for the leak about Pseudo's closure. A GameSpot e-mail sent to the studio's media contact address bounced, and a company representative has not returned a voicemail request for comment.

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Oh yeah 3anks and any other douchebag who thinks full auto sucks Go f ck yourself if you hate the game so much why would you spend your time telling people who love this game that it sucks like what do you get in that? hmm tell me?

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It really sucks tho Full auto 2 battlelines was one of my favorites i never understood how nobody even knew about it and why no one was ever online

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So sad Full Auto is awesome. so annoyed that the plug was pulled on it. i was waiting for the amazingly fun game. even gamespot was upset this will hurt the economy a little bit. 50 people just lost jobs, its unhappy. i feel bad for the ex workers, lets hope they get new jobs

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Shame really... I don't like to see all of these developers go under.

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I hate to be an "I-told-you-so". But this is one of the things I've repeatedly posted about regarding the astronomical development costs. You guys are going to see ALOT MORE of this happening. Mega-publishers and high-priced propietary tech are driving development costs to the point where if you don't sell 3 million copies-you are broke AND in dept! The only console maker remotely TRYING to fix this is Nintendo. The Wii costs 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of PS3&360 to develop for. Tech-heads don't like having to hear that, but it's extremely relevant to keeping gaming from going BUST. note: considering that the PS2 costs as little to develop for as the Wii, Sony might want to continue supporting PS2 for at least another 2-3 years.

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So GameSpot is really sad to hear this news , so sad to make a funny-punny headline out of people losing their jobs . Way to go GameSpot !

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so it seems no one understands that people have lost their jobs huh? I mean this was someones livelihood.

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wow so many people happy about people loosing their jobs, must be children who have no idea what its like to need your job to provide for your family

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Bummer I really thought full auto had potential it just needed to be opened up alittle. Good luck guys hope you find work quickly!

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I feel sad at the loss of another indie, but on the flipside, a bad game is a bad game, people speak with their wallets

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That's too bad. Can't say I found Full Auto to be a golden game but I never like to see developers get canned.

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XFoogyX "it's a game developer apocalypse I tell you. In the future, all we'll see are Halo, God of War, Final Fantasy, etc. Copied over and over and over with minor additions in the form of downloadable content. I don't see any new developers springing up when the video game economy is already so vulnerable." Hey, mate. DON'T WORRY! Just look at the European, Canadian, and Australian developers, and as for the adventure games, those developers are from everywhere outside America from Europe, to South America. Notice the common element? Yes, again, it's the fact that they're situated right outside America, and they're very clever, and manages their finances well, as well as making fun games, and interesting games, basically anything with depth, creative additions, innovations, or whatever. Only thing you should really worry about is... EA! The GTA franchise, and that oh-so-good Take-Two's publishing subsidiary 2K Games (Bioshock, the good sports games, and so on) are eventually gonna be gobbled up by the evil lord EA! Oh, so sad!!! I can only hope that other teams, or the people that I hope would bail out of Rockstar & 2K Games' developers to make GTA clones, and sports games to compete with EA.

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I'm sad for Iron Lore Studios. They should have survived on, but THQ has said that if only just a small portion of the pirates who've downloaded their Titan Quest games had paid for them then they'd have been fine, but alas! That is the real price of piracy that many people with good sources of income continue to ignore. I'm also kinda sad for Stormfront Studios. I still firmly believe that they should have continued working, coz they were so consistent at making good, straightforward action RPGs.

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Another one bites the dust... it must be really tough working in the gaming industry.

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Full Auto has potential but if the developers plan to give up after just two games then god, close down for all I care.

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I feel sorry for all the devs and programmers who are losing their jobs... thats the real sad part. They put months of effort into a project and are left without anything .... it makes me sad.

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I like Full Auto.... I'll miss this studio.

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honestly, i think the whole other-platform-sequel fiasco was pointless and they deserve to be closed. oh, and the games sucked a lot

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XFoogyX, new, great ideas are always coming out. Remember Assassin's Creed for the SNES? No? Because thats a newer title. Anyways, some re-hashes are actually good. Thats why they keep making sequels, because they sell.

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Honestly, they deserved it. Full Auto down right sucked. It's "unwreck" feature should have been called "rewreck", cause you'd repeat the same crash OVER AND OVER. Then they release a sequel for the PS3, that nobody bought. On top of that, they were working on an honestly horrible looking sequel to the classic Vectorman games that basically got everything wrong. I'm glad it was cancelled. Looking back, I don't think they made one good game.

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Full Auto??? People played that game???

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Well on the positive side the canned game was more than likely a stinker. Still, it's sad to see people loose a job after working on a project for some time...

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it's a game developer apocalypse I tell you. In the future, all we'll see are Halo, God of War, Final Fantasy, etc. Copied over and over and over with minor additions in the form of downloadable content. I don't see any new developers springing up when the video game economy is already so vulnerable.

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That sucks. I actually liked Cel Damage...

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full auto was a good game. it's wrong that this happens to a developer with a game that good.

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This is a double-edged sword. It's good, since fewer crummy games are being introduced as the lords are separated from the lackeys. At the same time, this increases the monopoly held by EA and other gi-flippin'-normous publishers. Ugh, economics are wacky.

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Full Auto was a decent game auto shooting fun. Maybe these independent studios should get together to form a bigger company more capable of surving this money market that is the gaming industry. If your not big business it's hard to survive as a gaming development studio today without finanial backage.

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Old news...

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Full Auto wasn't that great, but Cel Damage was the bomb. Oh well. Just another studio that couldn't hang in the current gen. Maybe if they had made a slightly more in-depth game?

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No! Not a Canadian game studio going out of busniess!

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I really liked Full Auto, Its so much fun to shoot down your friends car with a rocket launcher and beat him in the finish line....

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Gamers who boycott publishers like EA for buying development studios should take a look and see what's it's like to fly solo in this industry.

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Maybe people developing new automobile combat games should start being a wee bit hesitant...

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I really think too many games are released each week anyway. Who has all the time and money to play these half-baked B-Grade games anyway?!

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I guess they should have left auto combat to those that know how to do ie... ie: Luxoflux/Isopod or The Twisted Metal team.

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not the best time to be a develeper

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Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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A shame really Full Auto had the potential, it needed some more time to cook I believe. I was hoping for a new FA and Psuedo fixing the problems with the 1st game. We will never and the 4 other people who liked the game. The PS3 version was just a port not a true sequel.

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Noo! I liked full auto and could have done with another :(

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that many development teams gone, dang! i had no idea, i dont even know the mentioned teams except for pseudo interactive, so sad, what are you gonna do? bring your "A" game or be-gone, i just hope these people can still continue with their careers in gaming, it would be sad to see these people with really cool jobs all of a sudden being forced to seek some crappy job flipping burgers or something ridiculous like that.

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Big whoop di doo!?!? Another developer going down because they failed to secure more than a single contract for making a game. OR maybe like Stormfront all they made was crap, and yes Full Auto was garbage, IMO. Sorry folks were in an economic recession so any and I mean any projects deemed as unlikely to turn a profit by publishers ain't getting made. It is the nature of the business and another example of how real world politics affects real world gamers. However since all they made was crapola to begin with I'll be saving my tears.

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cel damage was for the gamecube as well.

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It seems to me that, based on what I've been reading in these articles, a lot of companies didn't have appropriate quality control or didn't have a very good cost / benefit analysis for a lot of these games that are getting shelved. As far as I can tell, game software sales haven't slowed down . So, it appears there were a lot of iffy projects that got the green light at some point in the past that obviously weren't up to snuff.

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Stray from the Xbox 360, this is what happens to you! :-)

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Damn, rough quarter for us all.