Report: EA stacking up Boom Blox 2

EALA reportedly crafting follow-up to Steven Spielberg-produced Wii puzzler; EA Blueprint said to be shuttered.


Boom Blox

Expectations were high for EA's Boom Blox, a physics-based puzzle game for the Wii that stood as the publisher's first collaboration with famed movie director Steven Spielberg. However, despite Spielberg's star power--not to mention the Wii's sizable installed base--the game has thus far seen only a small measure of success, selling 450,000 copies through June. Even still, EA Games president Frank Gibeau told GameSpot in a recent interview, "I think it's done well."

Gibeau's opinion, of course, is what matters, and it now appears as if Boom Blox will see a sequel. Variety reports today that EALA is at work on "Boom Blox 2," which the trade magazine notes is a working title. No further details on the project were revealed, and Variety's source did not indicate whether Spielberg would again have a hand in development.

The news comes along with word that EA had shuttered its covert Blueprint division following the company's staff reductions at the end of October. The division, which was never officially announced by EA, was reportedly tasked with creating new, original properties that could be exploited across a breadth of media. EA Blueprint was initially headed by longtime EA executive Neil Young, before he passed the reins to Louis Castle in June to form a startup.

According to Variety, EA Blueprint spearheaded development on the original Boom Blox, as well as Spielberg's other, as-yet-announced title. The division also reportedly played a role in brokering EA's exclusive publishing deal with Armature Studio, formed earlier this year by a number of Metroid Prime vets.

EA had not responded to requests for comment as of press time about Boom Blox 2. However, an EA rep did confirm to GameSpot that another Spielberg-produced title, code-named LMNO, remained in development. Prior reports peg that game as a sci-fi action title for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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