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Report: Clash of Clans generates $654,000 per day

Free-to-play mobile game generating six-figure daily revenue from microtransactions.


Don't be fooled by the "micro" in microtransactions. For SuperCell's free-to-play mobile hit Clash of Clans, microtransactions are big business.

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According to AppData information supplied to Business Insider, Clash of Clans generates $654,000 in daily revenue from the purchase of add-on content, booster packs, and other forms of downloadable content.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you must build and protect your village. The game originally launched for iOS devices in 2012 before coming to Android last year.

Finnish creator Supercell recently sold a controlling interest in the company for $1.5 billion.

Supercell has been pushing Clash of Clans fairly vigorously. The developer launched a "You And This Army" commercial for Clash of Clans last year, and it's been featured during various prime time programming on major networks like ESPN.

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