Report: California's anti-game senator Leland Yee arrested on corruption, bribery charges

UPDATE: Yee arrested on charges of corruption, including illegal gun-trafficking.


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UPDATE: Senator Leland Yee was arrested today by the FBI "conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms, as well as with participating in a scheme to defraud citizens of honest services," the SFGate reports.

In a bid to become Secretary of State, Yee apparently "solicited money from undercover FBI agents" and engaged in "a discussion with the undercover agents about an illegal gun-trafficking deal."

The original story appears below.

Democratic California state senator Leland Yee, an outspoken critic of the video game industry, has been arrested on bribery and corruption charges. The FBI nabbed the politician this morning during a sting operation, sources have told NBC Bay Area.

Yee represents District 8, which includes video game development hotbeds like San Francisco and San Mateo County. Gamers know him as the man who put forth the much-publicized violent game law that the United States Supreme Court struck down in 2011.

We called Yee's office and no one picked up. We've left messages with his secretary and the state press secretary.

Following the December 2012 schoolhouse massacre in Newtown, Conn., Yee again criticized gamers and the industry at large.

"Gamers have got to just quiet down," Yee said at the time. "Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry's lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest."

We'll continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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UPDATE: Feb 2016

Not counting the other charges- he has not be prosecuted for yet.

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What a fucking hypocrite.

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Hypocritical bastard,said school massacre is cause of violent games,while he is trafficking firearms!Rot in prison.

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This is just too easy.

Avatar image for mischiefmeerkat

...and then he was set free before the story even made it to the internet, thanks to his $10,000 an hr. lawyer.

Senator Ted Stevens was also arrested for SEVEN FELONIES and he served no time in jail and was allowed to run for office again (and nearly "won")

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is all.

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I bet he'll say he got the idea from playing Grand Theft Auto.

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"Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry's lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest."

So much irony in such a small statement.

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Bwahahaha, jackass!

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Dear Senator Yee;

I'd like to ask a clarifying question, "Did you want to ban video games like GTA so that instead of us (gamers) committing crimes in video games we could commit them in the real world"?

BTW, if you wanted to defraud, traffic, and play with guns with all of us gamers, it would have been a ton easier to NOT try and ban the games we 'play' and just join us for a bit of fun in GTA Online.

Anyways, have a great day... off to do all the same stuff as you, but without the downside!

F(&* You Very Much!

Avatar image for revan292

What a bigot, trying to ruin a source of entertainment for other people xD
He better die in jail before he tries ruining entertainment for other people again.

lee (and all "anti game" nuts) "Bawwww! You can't choose what form of entertainment you use in your own free time! Bawww! I get to decide what entertainment media you can or can't use! my way is the right way! Bawww! you have no right to a say about it even though it's YOUR entertainment/industry we're attacking! Don't defend your entertainment products! Let me ban everything you like, let me ban everything until all you can do is work/sleep until the point of snapping from the daily stagnancy and then committing suicide/or shooting people! Bawww!

Avatar image for littlestreakier

He learned all of these things actions from video games...I'm sure of it...

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Hopefully this will work as proof that politic will always be more dangerous than any video-game.

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omg that made my day, thank you so much for this.

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Avatar image for jessie82

"point & laugh"

Avatar image for Aquarius_D

Now that's Justice !

Avatar image for abhirajgoldy

oh boy...the irony.....

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<< LINK REMOVED >> My thoughts EXACTLY.

Avatar image for X-RS

Honest to god, wtf wonders why people arent voting?

If people actually had to work instead of campaign n BS the world would be VERY different. Also keep in mind the crime world is pretty vast, even if you want to do 'good' there is a LOT of $#!+ in the way.

I'm really sick of the notion politics is simply rallying behind someone else >.<

Avatar image for Slagar

If politicians were honest, they wouldn't become politicians in the first place. But thanks to our wonderful schooling system, we churn out these sick puppies by millions. And it's everywhere... everywhere.

Avatar image for ievro

Wow, another grandstanding holy crusader politician who turns out to be a crook, i'm shocked!!

Avatar image for rad8045

<< LINK REMOVED >> what has China got to do with this ?

Avatar image for X-RS


And a racist asshat on teh internets *rolls eyes*

Avatar image for wristbreaker

poetic justice.... I hope those video game haters learn a thing or two here... people who don't play video games tend to be more destructive than those who do...

Avatar image for suppaphly42

this is irony at its best lmfao

Avatar image for thebastardsword

And another attempt to ramp up on gun related deaths, to try and make that anti gun legislation more acceptable.

I would call treason since this is an effort to dismantle the 2nd amendment. You cant blame guns and video games for violence.. since the dawn of mankind we have been violent, through countless years and civilization we have retained violent tendencies. You can only blame the ones of who do not make an effort to practice self control. Many people reposnibly use guns for self defense and hunting only. I would say thats the majority of gun owners in America, Many gamers kno0w the difference in what happens real life and its consequences opposed to what happens in a game and its consequences..

Movies, books and religion indulge in violence as much and even more than guns and games.

Avatar image for Born_Lucky

He's not really known for the video game thing.

What he's most known for is being a huge obama supporter, hating the NRA, and introducing anti gun legislation.


Of course , CNN and MSNBC aren't even talking about it.

Avatar image for sanchango

<< LINK REMOVED >> yes, but that shouldn't matter, A BIG YES TO THAT, AND AMEN TO THAT. The moment this became news I immediately thought the latter 2 and I was like. "so let me get this straight, you are anti-gun, yet you take part in gun-trafficking...makes sense to me *rolls eyes*"

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Karma. It's a bitch.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c8da69475552

Wait, wait, wait... I know why he was buying guns! He knows he's wrong about "violent" video games, right? And he's so f***ing arrogant, he can't stand being wrong... so I'm thinking, he was gonna get those guns and start handing them out to mentally-disturbed children. Then after they go on a killing frenzy, he was gonna blame it all on video games, and thus "prove" himself right, all to satisfy his ego.

Yeah, yeah, I know... that's gotta be the most convoluted, next-to-impossible conspiracy theory ever proposed. But if it were true... well, that would take "f***ed up" to a whole new level.

. . .


I'm gonna go now... bye.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> funny thing, he was against the use of guns, he is a big hypocrite. lol XD

Avatar image for Zloth2

Gotta wait to see if the charges hold up (innocent until proven guilty and all that) but if they do... California, I think you owe us an apology.

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

<< LINK REMOVED >> Being in congress he will slither his way out of this. The only time I say guilty period is when these idiots get caught doing something they punish us for. They pass all these laws but for some reason an exception is always written in for them. Not anymore, hope the courts set an example and put him away.

Avatar image for X-RS


I would expect him GTFO to someplace light on extradition

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

Good, its not our fault video game companies are not paying these scumbags! Glad to see at least one low life congressman go to jail!

Avatar image for mos2000

HA!..... bye-bye B!tch

Avatar image for Mr357Magnum

What's that? A hypocrite in politics?! A politician accepting bribes? Another political figure boarding the all-videogames-are-evil-but-not-guns scapegoat bandwagon to further his own political agenda while distracting the public from his own solicit activities? Well color me surprised.

Avatar image for Slagar

<< LINK REMOVED >> Never in a million years would I have thought such a thing could happen. Such a shock. Must be a one-off. Most politicians are honest. We can trust those guys. They're looking out for us, I'm sure of it.

Avatar image for sanchango

<< LINK REMOVED >> I know man, I mean it has never happened right? It's like the first time ever to XD

Avatar image for bjklol

oh, the irony...