Rental charts see Xbox titles on top rental list sees Xbox titles in six of the top 10 slots. Simpsons: Hit & Run and Soul Calibur II double-dip.


Xbox rentals show their strength with six of the top ten rentals for the week ending yesterday. Each multiplatform title's Xbox version bests its PS2 cousin by three ranks in every case.

And whither the GameCube? No titles on the list could be indicative of diminutive numbers of consoles in the home. Will a $99 GameCube help?

Most-rented games for the week ending September 28, 2003, according to GameFly video game subscription rental service.

Rank / Title / Platform/ Publisher
1 / Dungeons and Dragons Heroes / Xbox / Atari
2 / Simpsons: Hit & Run / Xbox / Vivendi Universal
3 / WWE Raw 2 / Xbox / THQ
4 / Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 / Xbox / EA Sports
5 / Simpsons: Hit & Run / PS2 / Vivendi Universal
6 / Soul Calibur II / Xbox / Namco
7 / Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 / PS2 / EA Sports
8 / Otogi: Myth of Demons / Xbox / Sega
9 / Soul Calibur II / PS2 / Namco
10 / Disgaea: Hour of Darkness / PS2 / Atlus Co.

The list above ranks games according to number of rentals as reported by GameFly. To see a list of games ranked according to GameSpot review score, visit our Top 100 page.

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