Rent Kartia at Blockbuster First

Atlus and Blockbuster sign deal to get Kartia on rental shelves before retail.


Atlus has entered into an exclusive agreement with Blockbuster Video, stating that Kartia will be available for rental only, starting August 7, 1998, for a two-week period prior to the title's retail release. Kartia will then go on sale on August 17, 1998.

Kartia is the first collaborative effort between the character designer for the Final Fantasy series, Yoshitaka Amano, and Cozi Okada, the creator of Persona, Soul Hackers, and the Megami Tensei series in Japan.

Kartia, an RPG/strategy, features fully interactive terrain where you can burn down trees and freeze rivers to turn the tide of battle. You can also create your own weapons, armor, magic, and monsters using the power of Kartia. Another unique twist to the game is that you can trade special items with your friends via the memory card and use them in your own game.

For RPG fans who want to check out the game and try before you buy, this is the perfect opportunity.

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