Removed Game Ad Featuring Player Salivating Over Jiggle Physics Sparks Fan Outcry

Tencent has since apologized for the ad and pulled it from social media platforms where it was posted.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory's new advertisement in Thailand may have hit a little too close to home for some players, prompting a backlash among the game's community.

Nikke is a free-to-play, mobile gacha shooter where players collect various scantily clad women warriors to battle against waves of enemies. The behind-the-back camera angle from which the game is played is strategically placed to give players an ideal view of each character's backside, which features generous "jiggle" physics as the women fire various weapons like machine guns and sniper rifles.

A new Thai ad (via Vice) for Nikke features a teenage player at a birthday party playing Nikke. He licks his lips and bounces up and down furiously as he watches the physics applied to the game's cast of female characters. A younger boy approaches him and brings him a birthday cake. This prompts the teen to start daydreaming about what Nikke would be like if it were real, after which a trio of Nikke cosplayers appears in front of him.

Eventually the younger boy snaps him out of it and he blows out the candles on the cake, ending the ad. The company behind Nikke, Tencent, has since apologized for the ad, stating it has heard complaints about how the ad depicts its players and its inappropriate content. Tencent has since attempted to have the video pulled from various social platforms, but the video can still easily be found on places like the Nikke subreddit.

However, in an unexpected twist, another portion of the game's community is actually upset that the ad is being pulled, claiming that there is nothing wrong with the ad for being honest about why some players are attracted to the game. It's unclear if Tencent plans to address the situation further.

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