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Remnant 2: How To Unlock The Engineer Archetype

This is one of the game's best-hidden secrets.


Remnant II offers an absolutely staggering number of secrets to uncover across multiple biomes, giving you ample reasons to play through them time and time again. But no matter how many times you play through the space wasteland of N'Erud, you're unlikely to run across one of the game's best-hidden secrets: an item that will let you unlock the Engineer archetype. Here's where to find it.

How to unlock the Engineer archetype in Remnant II

The item you'll need to find to unlock the Engineer archetype--the Alien Device--can only be found in the second overworld of N'Erud, so you'll need to progress through a bit of the biome before you'll be able to begin your search.

When you've reached The Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon, you'll have a tedious search ahead of you. In order to find the Alien Device, you'll have to travel around the outer realm of the area looking for a very specific spot in the fog that houses the secret. Of course, if you've spent any time on N'Erud, you know this fog is immensely difficult to see through, and spending any time in it will cause you to get sick and die very quickly.

Starting from your spawning point, circle around the entire map's edges while staying just outside of the fog so as to remain safe. We're looking for a section just inside the fog that has a short cliff on the left and a bunch of tall, spiky rocks on the right, with a section between them you can enter.

You're looking for this area in the fog.
You're looking for this area in the fog.

We're entering the fog here, but keep in mind you need to be fast, as you're going to die while getting this item--but you want to be sure you don't die before you can get to it. When you're ready, here's the plan:

  • Run forward into the fog, at which point you'll begin to vomit.
  • Immediately after vomiting, jump the gap ahead.
  • Grab the Technician armor set in front of you.
  • Puke again, then drop down to the left of the armor set.
  • Grab the Alien Device.
  • Inevitably die and respawn.

Now that you've got the Alien Device, head back and speak to Wallace in Ward 13, who you can always find hanging out about midway up the steps at the dock. Exchange the Alien Device with him to receive the Drzyr Caliper, which you can now use to equip the Engineer archetype.

The Engineer relies on turrets with various methods of attack and provides bonuses to you while using heavy weaponry--including improved movement speed while having heavy weapons equipped. If you like to dish out big damage with the help of some trusty technology, this might be up your alley.

That's not the only additional archetype in Remnant II, though. Here's how to unlock other archetypes, too.

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