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Remnant 2: How To Unlock Ford's Chest In Ward 13

Here's the combination to Ford's chest and what to do with the item you find inside.


Ward 13 is the main hub of Remnant II and contains a wide variety of NPCs you'll need to interact with to upgrade weapons or purchase new items--but it also contains a handful of important secrets. One of these is a chest you may have stumbled upon while exploring Ford's chambers. We'll tell you the combination of the chest and what to do with the item inside.

Ford's chest combination in Ward 13

The combination to Ford's chest is closer to you than you may think. As a matter of fact, if you open your inventory and examine the flashlight Ford gave you early in the game, you'll see a four-digit code: 0415.

Ford's chest code
Ford's chest code

Input the combination on the chest to open it. Inside, you'll find the Cargo Control Key. Leave the area and go back back downstairs. Head all the way north past a chainlink fence and through some shipping containers to find a locked door where you can use the key.


Inside the room, you'll find the MP60-R on a desk. This SMG is an extremely solid choice for any archetype's secondary weapon, as it dishes out some pretty solid damage for a sidearm.

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