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Remnant 2 Doubles First Game's Concurrent Player Total, Has Sold 1 Million Units

The game has already exceeded expectations.


Co-op survival shooter Remnant 2 is off to a strong start. It has broken a franchise record by more than doubling the number of concurrent players at launch when compared to the first installment and has already surpassed one million units sold.

This comes by way of a press release from Gearbox Publishing, which notes that Remnant 2 has exceeded expectations. "As a commercial and critical hit, we’re incredibly proud of the Gunfire team and everyone here at Gearbox Publishing who brought this title to life," said Gearbox Publishing's Yoon Im.

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Remnant 2 launched on July 25 and serves as a sequel to 2019's Remnant: From the Ashes. Upon release, Remnant 2 received positive reviews, with critics praising the number of improvements from its predecessor, as well as its replayability, gameplay loop, and variety.

While technically a third-person shooter, Remnant 2 plays like a Souls-like, with a flurry of challenging enemies to defeat. Remnant 2 is difficult, but it offers plenty of tools to help players on their journey. To keep things fresh, the stages are procedurally generated, meaning no two runs are ever exactly the same.

The original Remnant: From the Ashes launched to favorable reviews as well, but its sequel, Remnant 2 is regarded as a better experience, with a slew of improvements across the board.

"Remnant 2 is exactly what you want from a sequel, such is the way it expands and improves upon the first game's ideas. It's not likely to blow you away, but the core gameplay loop--built on rewarding combat, an ever-expanding repertoire of skills and abilities, and the randomness of its procedural generation--latches on and refuses to let go. The final realm is disappointing because of an artificial difficulty spike, and the story is still lackluster and easy to ignore, but those looking for a solid and malleable shooter won't go far wrong with Remnant 2," wrote Richard Wakeling in GameSpot's Remnant 2 review.

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