Remember Me Was "Misunderstood," Dev Says

Dotnod Creative Director admits Remember Me had flaws, but thinks it was misunderstood.


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Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of 2013's action game Remember Me thinks that it was misunderstood.

GameSpot Editor Kevin VanOrd gave the game a 7 out of 10 in his review, finding that it had fun, fluid combat, constricted level design, and some camera issues. GameSpot's score also matches Remember Me's Metacritic average score, though a number of other reviews were less favorable.

"We're extremely proud of Remember Me," Creative Director Jean Maxime Moris told Joystiq in an interview. "I think it was not perfect by any means, but to some level it was misunderstood. It was our first game. We got totally buried under the hype for a very big game that came out directly after [The Last of Us came out a week after Remember Me]. These are not excuses because it was not perfect, it had flaws."

Last week, Dotnod announced that Square Enix will publish its next game, Life is Strange. Coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, Life is Strange will be released digitally using an episodic model. Square Enix said that every new chapter will build and evolve on the choices you made in the past episode.

Moris said that after the announcement of Life is Strange, the studio has seen many comments about Remember Me and that the team is happy some people remember the game fondly.

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love it, and on sale for 5 or 6 dollars is a good option, i like the El quinto elemento movie style...very french xD

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one of those "we admint there were flaws but we still released it anyways"

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I love the environment and the premise behind it. (The game looks astonishingly good in stereoscopic 3D, too!) The idea behind replacing memories in a logical fashion was truly brilliant and one of the most intriguing aspects of it.

But in the end it kind of feels like a button-masher, and I hate button mashers. The combat was just boring. If it was more Assassins Creed and less Bayonetta in its gameplay, I'd have fallen in love with it.
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This is one of those games where the setting and the premise are better than the game itself. I'd love to see a sequel, but only if they're willing to fully explore the rich setting they created.

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One of my favorite game stories in years, I don't see why people give this game so much distaste. Most of them probably never played the game in the first place. Tomb Raider, Uncharted and TLoU are all very linear games yet they get all this recognition and praise (as great as they are) it's just kind of hypocritical in my opinion. This was a game about story not "oh we'll let you make your own story because we're too lazy to think of one ourselves."

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I enjoyed this game. The gameplay is good, the story is good, the characters are mostly good, awesome music and setting. Only thing that could have been a lot better was the dialogue that some of the enemies have. It stands out because everything else is mostly good. But <cringe> Kid Christmas? The other guy in the helicopter thing? Basket full of kick ass? Yikes!... All in all, good game. Not great, but good. Don't see why it's "misunderstood".

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This is very good game... I don't understand what's wrong....

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I think very good is pushing it a little but it was a decent game held back by the awkward combat that virtually no-one liked.

Such a cool futuristic city, would have been nice to be able to interact with more stuff and engage in conversation with NPCs.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I didn't like the combat either.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The combat was incredibly refreshing I thought. Yes, it was frustrating at times, but after thinking about it, altering the combos in a tactical way, similar to dragon age, it was so satisfying when finishing enemies off. Also the boss fights were awesome, apart from maybe the last one, which was a huge dissapointment, too easy! Or maybe thats because I became a master of the game by that point? ;) The premise was cool, the sound, graphics and cimeatic style were also second to none. I hope a sequel is developed that explores the premise more and utlises the awesome combat system!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The combat was brilliant, you were the only one who didn't like it man.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Awkward combat? It's blows both AC and GTA combat away. And you can even build your own combos.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> @hoyholyhoy

I was going to like your comment until I re-read it and saw you liked the combat...that was the worst part of the game, I still couldn't get combos and counters down two hours in, said the hell with it and it hasn't come off my shelf since then. The premise is cool, but that gameplay....yeesh.

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@uncle5555 @SingletreeAve The combat was good but not perfect. At least it had some depth to it. I respect Dontnod's effort, and they owned up to it's flaws. Unlike GTA and AC with untold millions of revenue and combat that is still as shallow as a kiddie pool. They aren't even trying. That I do no respect. Ubi even whines about animating playable female characters. An army of developers is capable of much more than riding the gravy train, and once you strip away the hype, Remember Me surpasses their sterilized IP.

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I think it was just one of those overlooked games. It was released in 2013 but I only heard about it for the first time during the year after. Glad I found out about it though.

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Oh man, I really want to play this game, I just need the right price at the right moment. I've found some, but they we're used, and I want new or Steam deal.

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I tried to enjoy/play this game. I really did. I installed, played, uninstalled, installed, gave up and then uninstalled again. Something about that game felt glitchy and incomplete. I'm sorry.

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So wait I'm confused, what is the misunderstanding about? Are the devs saying that the gamers misunderstood why the game was not good/had flaws? Not to sound rude but it really doesn't matter what the reasons are for why your game has flaws and ends up getting bad reviews. At the end of the day no matter the excuse consumers aren't happy that they bought a product that was a let down. There are many video game companies that put out awesome games as their first games. That's why these companies become successful and end up creating franchises or get to work/publish other games instead of failing. I think it would have been better for the dev to have said sorry we understood why our game was ill receive and we'll take that into account and try to make a better game next time instead of saying gamers shouldn't complain as much because they don't understand our excuses.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> He stated that these weren't excuses. He knows there were flaws, and he never said that gamers shouldn't complain. They're going to consider all of that going forward, but that doesn't mean they aren't proud of what they created.

You didn't sound rude, but I still feel the need to address a few points. First, I'd imagine the vast majority of "new companies" that put out "awesome games" for their first efforts are composed almost exclusively of veterans in the industry that left OTHER successful developers. (Case in point: Platinum Games) I doubt very much that these new companies are actually truly "new" in the sense that its employees have never worked in the industry before. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. Second, though he didn't state it, there might have been some pressure from Capcom to ship early given their current financial dire straits, which could have affected the results. It's not an excuse, but it IS a possible explanation.

Third--and this is something I'm addressing to all gamers, not you specifically as you didn't state this directly--the word "misunderstanding" is not an illegitimate four-letter word that developers should be burned for uttering, and I'm tired of gamers acting like it is. (Just look at all the crap Warren Spector had to shovel after daring to say reviewers might have "misunderstood" Epic Mickey. He stated in the same breath that the camera wasn't perfect, but that didn't stop him from being proud of their work.) Yes, I know it can easily be used as an excuse, but when people try to say developers lose all credibility for saying their work was "misunderstood," they are ignoring some blatant problems with their oversimplified logic. Let's say you're a gamer who plays nothing but FPS games. Then you try Mass Effect. You declare it a piece of crap because its combat is not even remotely fluid compared to COD or Halo or any other modern day FPS games. You go further and condemn it for having a lot of "slow-paced" segments with no action and tedious errands to run. If the gamers are the powers that be, Bioware is not allowed to tell this gamer s/he has misunderstood the whole point of Mass Effect, even though the player clearly and unquestionably HAS. It doesn't make his opinion illegitimate at all; it only says the developers were focusing on something different from what this player was looking for. No, he didn't clarify what was misunderstood--and sadly developers often don't--but I think that's often because it's hard to put into words what a game is supposed to feel like, which is why gamers shouldn't let their expectations rule their feelings on a game. Instead, they should make a concentrated effort to appreciate a game for what it IS. The word "misunderstood" isn't an excuse; it's a statement that people might have been looking for something that a product wasn't designed to give them. To declare it an excuse would be like me saying Warcraft 2 sucks because its so long and tedious to chop down all the trees and mine all the gold in a single mission, then declaring Blizzard a bunch of lazy bums because they point out the missions weren't designed for people to collect all the resources. It's a strategy game, after all; not a collect-a-thon.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Sorry it's so long. :)

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I enjoyed the game. Much like the article says, it had its flaws, but it was one of those games that you pick up on a steam sale not expecting much. You then get treated to something much better than expected. I think I finished in about 10 hours, but it was an enjoyable 10 hours. For the 5$ price I got it on steam for, it was much more entertainment than I can get out of a movie for 8.50$.

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The only flaw was it was 6 hours long.

You can't get away w/ that anymore. That's why so many publishers slap on hap-hazard multiplayer to pad out content.

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I've wanted to try this game since it first came out because I heard it has some unique gameplay and an intriguing story. But I'm not going to spend $30 for a linear fighting game I'll likely never finish. $5.99 on Steam is my price threshold for a "check it out" game.

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I got stuck in an area and gave up. Camera is just too messed up to get thru the battle. Probably shouldn't have picked the hardest difficulty level, either.

What I didn't like even more is that a couple of months after I bought it, PSN+ gave the game away for free.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I've got Platinum for Remember Me yesterday and I got the game for free from PS+

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that's it? The news is that the guy says his game "had flaws"... really? That's not news if you had read Kevin's review back then....

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The story and backdrop seemed interesting. I liked the idea of it. I tried playing it. The combat was horrid and got stuck at one of those multimove encounters where I could not button mash fast enough (or in the correct sequence) to continue.

To bad as the game had potential and seemed to be a bit different spin on what everyone else was releasing at the time.

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its never the message, it is the messenger that can not bring across the message properly

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Had no idea that it was competing with TLOU. I can see it being quite misunderstood. It definitely has flaws but I found the story to be very engaging, and the setting and everything else was wonderful as well. Real issue was the combat needed a bit of tweaking and there needed to be much more memory remixing than there was, other than that it was pretty good.

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I don't see what you they mean. I really enjoyed the game. I played it off of PS+, but I really liked the combat and story. Did it suffer from being really near Last of Us? Of course, Last of Us was a masterpiece, you didn't want to compete with that.

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I don't think it was necessarily misunderstood: the game did some things really well (nice presentation, characters and the design of the city) but the gameplay was fairly mundane. Climbing was linear, simplistic and very basic. The combat had some good ideas but the concept worked better on paper than it did in the game.

I think RM would've worked better as more of an adventure game or a point and click type of game. As an action game it is overshadowed by so many other games in the same genre.

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Remember Me was a good game. I also enjoyed the story. I'm actually waiting for a sequel because the ending seemed like there could be something else happening later on. I had fun doing all sorts of things with the memories hehe :D

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I loved Remember Me, but understand how many didn't or at least found it weird. I wish them best of luck for this game. Yay for diversity and interesting stories!

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Next time don't give your game the same title as a Robert Pattinson movie.

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Remember Me couldn't have been more of a mixed bag from what i played of it. A lot of cool ideas and an interesting story (from what I saw), great setting/art/visuals. The combat was ok I guess, I didn't love it, but it was serviceable. The camera is actually what forced me to stop playing it, it sort of fell into these "notches" as you moved it around, I couldn't stand it.

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I loved the game.As for getting buried under the hype for TLOU,who's fault do you think that is ? Why would you even release your game at the same time ? Are publishers simply m(O)r0ns who don't know anything about how games work or what ? Why would they think it's okay to release a game at the same time as a Naughty Dog masterpiece ?

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"It was our first game. We got totally buried under the hype for a very big game that came out directly after [<< LINK REMOVED >> came out a week after Remember Me]."

Things that aren't misunderstandings for $600, Alex.
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It wasn't a good game and made no sense. I wish them the best of luck for their next game, but there were no misunterstandings here.

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Definitely - There are many of us who loved Remember Me, Dontnod. Please keep producing games they way you do, Remember Me was beautiful and I so enjoyed playing it. You have a very artistic style, and it was a breath of fresh air to play and I would love to spend more time in your worlds.

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Loved Remember Me. Nice gameplay, interesting combat, great story and setting.

What i liked less was how the camera sometimes responded, and that the game looked like it was open world, but it wasn't.

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The levels...They could have gotten away with the false-open world effect; with even a few alternate routes mixed in...It was a lovely, stylized world that would have fun to get lost in.

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I loved Remember Me. it had a nice setting, a slightly undpredictable momentum to the story, villains it felt good to beat, good main characters, fun and challenging combat, and quite a few other good things about it. And more than anything, it was short.

With the flaws it has it would be horrible if it was any longer. But as it is, it's just short enough that you don't get too much fatigue from them.

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Can't remember ...

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It's just not a good game. Extremely repetitive and with very boring combat. The art is really good, though. Quite a pretty game.