Remember Me Was "Misunderstood," Dev Says

Dotnod Creative Director admits Remember Me had flaws, but thinks it was misunderstood.

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Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of 2013's action game Remember Me thinks that it was misunderstood.

GameSpot Editor Kevin VanOrd gave the game a 7 out of 10 in his review, finding that it had fun, fluid combat, constricted level design, and some camera issues. GameSpot's score also matches Remember Me's Metacritic average score, though a number of other reviews were less favorable.

"We're extremely proud of Remember Me," Creative Director Jean Maxime Moris told Joystiq in an interview. "I think it was not perfect by any means, but to some level it was misunderstood. It was our first game. We got totally buried under the hype for a very big game that came out directly after [The Last of Us came out a week after Remember Me]. These are not excuses because it was not perfect, it had flaws."

Last week, Dotnod announced that Square Enix will publish its next game, Life is Strange. Coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, Life is Strange will be released digitally using an episodic model. Square Enix said that every new chapter will build and evolve on the choices you made in the past episode.

Moris said that after the announcement of Life is Strange, the studio has seen many comments about Remember Me and that the team is happy some people remember the game fondly.

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