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Remember Me 2 Already Has Story, Capcom Just Needs To Greenlight It

Developer claims to have the story written and ready to go, they'd just need approval from their publisher to get started.

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Remember Me and Life is Strange developer Dontnod allegedly has the story for Remember Me 2 completed. Speaking to Siliconera, creative director, Jean-Maxime Moris said, "We know what we would do for Remember Me 2. The main story has been written. We know what we would add to the recipe. We know what we would fix. It's a game that's ready to be made, but that decision is Capcom's to make."

Reception for Remember Me was mixed at launch. Gamespot critic Kevin VanOrd generally praised the game, awarding it a 7 out of 10, but other sites weren't so kind. Negative reviews prompted Moris to claim that the "game was misunderstood" and that it was "buried under the hype for [The Last of Us]."

Even if Capcom did want a sequel, for the time being Dontnod is focused on its episodic game Life is Strange, which is published by Square Enix. Moris said, "Obviously we need to see and Square Enix needs to see how the first season [of Life is Strange] does to really decide whether we kick it off or not."

We reached out to Capcom about the future of Remember Me 2. The publisher responded saying, "Capcom has made no announcements about a new Remember Me title."

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