Remember 1 vs. 100? The Xbox One will get something like it

Microsoft says it thought interactive Xbox 360 gameshow was a "pretty cool" event.


1 vs 100
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Do you remember 1 vs. 100? It was the interactive game show on Xbox 360 that ran for two seasons in 2009, where one player was pitted against 100 other players for a chance to win 10,000 Microsoft Points.

Microsoft might have announced that 1 vs. 100 wouldn't be getting a third season back in 2010, but general manager Dave McCarthy has said that Xbox One will receive something like it in the future.

"It has a good image here," said McCarthy in an interview with Polygon. "The approach is something we really enjoyed. We will do something in the future for Xbox One that is like that, because spiritually we thought it was a pretty cool experience ourselves."

Seasons of 1 vs. 100 lasted 13 weeks, with two-hour live episodes--hosted by Chris Cashman in the US--airing twice a week. Players could also sharpen their quiz ability outside of the live episodes when the seasons were running, but during the live shows the game would pluck the 101 participants randomly from those watching.

I never got to be the 1, but I did make it into the 100 a few times. How about you?

"The notion of bringing a large number of people together in both a social and let's say a more casual gaming format is something we believe in a lot," added McCarthy.

"In some ways 1 vs. 100 was a little bit ahead of its time. From a production perspective it gave us a few challenges in terms of the sheer effort to bring that to market on a regular basis."

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