Remedy Bringing Quantum Break's Engine To PS4 For Its Next Game

The mysterious P7 will be available on "a wider range of platforms" than previous Remedy titles.


Max Payne and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has said its next game, codenamed P7, will be released on "a wider range of platforms" and indicated it will run on Northlight, the same engine that powered its Xbox One and PC exclusive Quantum Break.

In a post on the official Remedy website, the studio confirmed that it is "developing its Northlight technology also for PlayStation 4 consoles." Remedy has been making games primarily for Microsoft platforms since 2003, so P7 will be the first game from the studio to launch on a PlayStation platform since Max Payne 2.

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Its last game, Quantum Break, was initially released on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in April 2016. It "sold really well," according to Microsoft, even beating the company's expectations.

In GameSpot's Quantum Break review, Peter Brown awarded it a 6/10, saying its "gameplay is essentially divided equally between combat and hapless environment traversal."

He continued: "Getting to the end of Quantum Break can be an interesting ride at times, but no matter how impressive the combat is, or how great the game looks, there's no getting around the fact that it's driven by a story with limited appeal and hindered by disappointing design decisions."

In August 2016, Remedy confirmed that it is working with Korean developer Smilegate on the campaign for CrossFire 2 and also has another secretive project in the works, which is likely to be P7. At the time it was described as being in the conceptual stage and is "pretty far off."

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