Remaster of Classic RPG Baldur's Gate Gets New Expansion

Siege of Dragonspear will introduce the Shaman class, and seven new chapters to play through.


Role-playing game Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be getting an expansion titled Siege of Dragonspear, publisher Beamdog announced on a livestream today. The expansion will introduce seven new chapters and feature 70 new areas for players to explore. Dragonspear will also include a new class, the Shaman class, who can summon ghosts and cast druid spells.

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Dragonspear will sport an entirely new user interface, with an improved journal system and combat health bars offered as an option. The game will also have two new difficulty settings; story mode, which was first introduced in the Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and allows players to go through the game's story without too much challenging combat. The second mode is titled Legacy of Bhaal and is similar to the Heart of Fury mode which was featured in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, which adds what Beamdog described as an "all new level of challenge for veteran players."

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition was first released for PC in November 2012. As its name suggests, the game is a remake of 1998's Baldur's Gate. Earlier this year, Beamdog first teased that a new game in the Baldur's Gate series was being worked on.

Siege of Dragonspear does not currently have a release date.

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I want this on consoles :.-(

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Go for the eyes Boo! GO FOR THE EYES!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUSSSK!!!!

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Man, I hope this somehow allows for imports from BG non-EE... My most recent half-completed playthrough would be annoying to restart.

Level cap increase would be nice too... and while we're at it retain BG2 import compat.

(nice laundry list there ;)

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Is this that presequel they were talking about that would take place between BG1 and BG2?

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Arguably best game ever made. Look forward to this.

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@Random_Matt: Beamdog though, their writing is beyond awful.

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@repulsive44552: I'm apprehensive as well

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@slickwilly06: The sections they added in the Baldur's Gate enhanced versions were terrible lol

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started Baldur's Gate 2 :"Enhanced Edition" expecting it to be the same awesome game again but with clearer graphics and less blurry pixels all over the screen. true, they fixed some issues and made it slightly better but it has to be running in a windowed 900p to even look slightly clear.

made it worse having just played Pillars of Eternity and Original Sin recently and seeing how great the isometric graphics have gotten.

not much of an "enhancement or remaster" but it's nice to see it being played this much more again.

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But will they fix the horrid path-finding?

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@SingletreeAve: in my system i get even horrible bugs..... the cursor changes something horrid like a bar of down arrows.... and theres no way of pointing object with it :( such pains...... n you r bothered by pathfinding =)

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So after leveling my character to 40 in Throne of Bhaal, now I have to go back to Level 8 just to play this expansion?

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@jhcho2: That's how it works. Just like when you play a new game, start at lv 1.

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I live in a time where games are so unpolished, buggy and unoriginal, companies just gave up and starting releasing expansions to their first release.

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@bc2999: or in a time where better games are being respected again and not just the pop garbage console games are getting attention.

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@jgploseq: It's my understanding that you only used to have to download it when it was in beta, now you could just rent games from the ps store.

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New content? Now this is a type of remaster I could support

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I miss this style of game so much and this series is a classic. This is great news.

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New content for a remake? I think I like it! Still waiting for the price to drop on Baldur's Gate Enhanced, though. Missed the $6.79 during the Summer Sale.

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@Die_Bahn: I like getting it over at gog though

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Sweet! Since it's got a new UI, I'm guessing it'll be a separate thing from the main game and first expansion.

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So is this Adventure Y or is it a different project entirely?

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O yeah, bring on the challenges.

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That's actually really cool of them.

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A great game series, odd decision though.

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from the pic there it sure doesn't look remastered at all. If they make a new Baldur's I'd be lost in it for a long time like I was with the old ones and Champion's of Norrath

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@cmdrsinclair: Dark alliance had a really good crafting system if I remember right . As a game I prefered Champions because it allowed for character creation.
Both need a remaster....

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@jgploseq: anyone like Enclave too? That was fun and the atmosphere and quest style was super similar to Baldur's except it was 3rd person

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@cmdrsinclair: Do you mean the old Dark Alliance games? I only ask because you mentioned Champions of Norrath. The Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance isn't what people mean when they say Baldur's Gate; they're talking about the original Baldur's Gate from Bioware in 1998.

Though I would be totally down for another Dark Alliance game too.

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@Mogan: I mean both for sure. To me they were similar enough that I played them both in a row. I played Baldur's 1 and 2 on the PS2 so the versions I'm speaking of may be a little different. Champions of Norrath, Baldur's, Diablo 2, Path of Exile are all very similar to me in how they play with the quests and hack n slash but I suppose that's where the similarities end. Baldur's Gate was short lived for me on PS2 because I got my hands on it very late for a couple bucks and XBOX360 had rolled out a few months later. I still play PoE like crazy though and I quit D2 with all the hackers and such

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@cmdrsinclair: You are talking about Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 & 2 which are completely different games than Baldur's Gate 1 & 2.

I would love to see remasters of the Dark Alliance games and the Champions of Norrath games though. They were really fun to play in co-op.

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@Mogan: We totally need a Norrath/DA remaster. That's the kind of game that would rock in the online multiplayer era.

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@Barighm: Absolutely.