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Relive Some Weirdo Mech Battles With This Discounted Xenogears Model Kit

Amazon has a discount on a model kit of the Siebzehn Gear from Square Enix's religiously infused '90s mech RPG.


Remember Xenogears? A turn-based RPG from the height of Squaresoft's dominance in the 1990s, it combined sci-fi and fantasy elements and a whole lot of mental illness troubles with giant mechs wailing on each other. It was pretty cool, and now you can bring a little part of that into your life with Square Enix's model kit of the Siebzehn, one of the titular "Gears" of Xenogears. Amazon has the kit on sale for $148, down from its usual price of $170.

This is one of Square Enix's Structure Arts Plus plastic model kits, which you'll need to assemble and paint. It includes 206 pieces and stands at 7.5 inches tall, according to Square's website. It also comes with two sets of alternate hands and a display stand so you can make your Siebzehn look battle-ready.

Xenogears model kit by Square Enix
Xenogears model kit by Square Enix

The Siebzehn isn't the only Xenogears model you can nab on Amazon. You can also get the other mechs from the game--there's Weltall, Vierge, Heimdall, and Brigandier in one set for $95, and Crescens, Renmazuo, and the eponymous Xenogears for $130.

Amazon has a few other Square Enix mech models as well, from a variety of different games. Check out the list below.

Amazon Square Enix Model Kit Deals

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