Relic Outfits the 360

THQ announces new WWII squad-based action game; Xbox Live support includes cooperative play.


The recent announcement of the Xbox 360 also means announcements of new games for the console, and what roster would be complete without a WWII squad-based action shooter?

THQ today announced that The Outfit will march onto the 360 this holiday season. The game is currently in development from Relic, the studio behind Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and the recently announced Company of Heroes.

The Outfit sees a platoon of soldiers battling the Nazi regime behind enemy lines. The third-person game will combine action with strategy, forcing players to jump between control of different squads to rescue fellow soldiers and do dangerous recon across fully destructible environments.

By successfully engaging enemy troops, gamers will earn action points that can be used to upgrade their units, call in vehicular support, and build mounted machine guns.

This single-player game will include 12 missions, and the multiplayer mode supports competitive and cooperative games over Xbox Live.

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