Rejoice: Xbox Mini-Fridges Are One Step Closer To Reality

Microsoft just got a first look at the designs and sent notes back.


What began as a joke is becoming a real product, as Microsoft is now actually making Xbox mini-fridges after defeating Skittles in a Twitter marketing competition. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, who is in charge of this campaign, has now provided an update on how the fridges are coming along. He said on Twitter that Microsoft is making progress on the fridges, recently getting a first look at the design proposals.

"We got first look at design this week and sent some notes back," Greenberg said, adding the hashtag "#Progress." He did not share any specifics about the design or his notes, however. We still don't know anything about the price, release date, or final design.

The Xbox mini-fridge is inspired by the popular meme about the Xbox Series X looking like, well, a refrigerator. Microsoft took this chilling feedback in stride, agreeing that the console does in fact bear a resemblance to the home appliance. Microsoft even created real, working, full-size Xbox refrigerators and sent them to influencers like Snoop Dogg and The Rock, which in turn generated positive buzz for the brand.

To inspire people to vote for Xbox in the Twitter Marketing contest recently, Greenberg promised to make the Xbox mini-fridge a real product if Microsoft won the contest. Xbox ended up defeating Skittles by an incredibly close margin.

Microsoft and Skittles don't have any bad blood, it seems, as Greenberg has said the first Xbox mini-fridge off the line will be filled with games and sent to the team at Skittles.

The mini-fridge will be just the latest odd-ball product from Xbox, following the Xbox Onsie and the greaseproof Xbox controller. And who could forget the Xbox body wash?

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Cloud Streaming service will come to Windows PCs and iOS devices in a beta test beginning April 20.

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