Reign of Fire update

Bam Entertainment releases new details on the video game version of the upcoming film.


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Bam Entertainment has released some new information on Reign of Fire, an action game in development for the PlayStation 2. Based on the film of the same name, Reign of Fire takes place in the year 2024, when an advanced species of dragon dominates the earth. In the game, players will initially have to assume the role of a human fighting against the dragons, but as they progress through the game, they'll eventually be able to unlock the dragon campaign. During the human portion of the game, players will have to use vehicles and a wide variety of weapons to defend their town from the dragons. The dragon campaign will focus on an infant dragon that steadily matures over the course of the game. The game will also include the soundtrack from the film and voice work recorded by some of its stars.

Reign of Fire is scheduled for release this fall.

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